Here’s Who Went Home in Survivor Season 42 Last Night

Here’s Who Went Home in Survivor Season 42 Last Night

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It hasn’t been that long since Season 41 of Survivor, but CBS is back with Season 42 as of March 9, 2022. 18 new castaways are set to take on the challenge of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting each other in an epic physical and social competition for 26 days.

That’s right. Season 41 was the first to shorten the days castaways spent on the island, and Season 42 will be no different. Along with the new time constraint, many of the tricks and advantages introduced in the previous season are back, like making contestants hide complicated advantages from each other, or corralling members from different tribes together to create tentative alliances before the eventual merge.

Plus, Season 41 and 42 were filmed so close together that the participants of Season 42 have no idea about any of the twists the previous season’s contestants went through, like the Shot in the Dark, or when winner Erika spent two nights alone early in the game, then came back and changed who received immunity in a pivotal moment.

But don’t expect the same surprises as last season. Knowing Jeff Probst and the rest of the crew behind Survivor, there’s bound to be new elements we’ll never guess. So even if someone gets voted out in the first episode, or makes it all the way to the end, it’ll be a triumph regardless. Survivor is easily one of the hardest ways to get $1 million on television, and after the previous season’s twists, it’s only going to get harder.

Here’s everyone who got voted out of Survivor Season 42. Check back here throughout the season for every elimination, and eventually to find out the winner.

Survivor Season 42 Eliminations

Episode 1

Taku/Orange Tribe

Jackson Fox (removed for a medical concern)

Ika/Blue Tribe

Zach (eliminated from Ika Tribe)

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