A Major ‘Love Is Blind’ Editing Error Was Caught on TikTok

A Major ‘Love Is Blind’ Editing Error Was Caught on TikTok

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Love Is Blind’s second season was completely wild, and apparently it was also kinda heavily edited. Maybe that’s to be expected since the producers obviously had to take weeks of footage and trim it down into hour-long episodes. But it looks like some important conversations were majorly messed with, and a TikTok user caught a huge editing fail on the show involving Sal Perez, Mallory Zapata, and two plates of food.

The scene in question shows Sal and Mallory having an intense conversation about their relationship, and the amount of food on their plates changes multiple times mid-way through, implying that said conversation was edited out of order.

Captioning the video “Im convinced this whole show is cut up clips,” TikTok user @straightouttaperu noted “Alright we’re watching Love Is Blind. And I want you guys to look at how much they cut this shit and you don’t even notice. So they both have full plates of food, right? Now, pay attention to the amount of food on plates. Both full…both full…her’s is kinda half empty, but just wait….Gone! Gone! Right there. His food is gone.”

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Of course then the food magically returns, which is pretty questionable because the show truly made this seem like a seamless conversation. As @straightouttaperu noted, “That was one fluid conversation. How did that even just happen?”

The Love Is Blind creators have yet to explain themselves, but anyone else want to see the un-edited version of this conversation?

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