Anime Series ‘Attack on Titan’ Will End Next Year

Anime Series ‘Attack on Titan’ Will End Next Year

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Attack on Titan will come to its conclusion when Final Season Part 3 (or Final Arc) airs in 2023, the anime’s official Japanese Twitter revealed Sunday. The news came as the last episode of the Final Season Part 2 aired on Japanese TV and hit streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The series, based on the manga of the same name, sees humanity facing off against terrifying giants that just want to eat them. It’s set in a bleak post-apocalyptic world where the last surviving people take refuge in walled cities, as Titans wander the lands outside, and it’s absolutely amazing.

We also got a short teaser showing some of the surviving characters standing in a Titan’s footprint. The final chapter of the manga was published last year.

Funimation’s content has become available to Crunchyroll subscribers as the streaming services in the wake of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s acquisition of Crunchyroll last year.

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