Canceled, delayed flights again plague travelers at Logan on Monday

Canceled, delayed flights again plague travelers at Logan on Monday

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Out of Logan, 87 flights were delayed and 50 cancelled as of late Monday morning, most of them from JetBlue.

Stefani Reynolds / The New York Times

Flight cancellations and delays continued Monday after a frustrating weekend for travelers heading into and out of Logan Airport.

As of late morning Monday, 87 flights had been delayed and 50 had been canceled, according to FlightAware.

Of those flights, most were again made by JetBlue, which canceled 38 flights and delayed 50 others, the website reported. Overall, 31 canceled flights, and 43 delayed flights originated at Logan while 19 canceled, and 44 delayed had Boston as the destination airport.

Other affected airlines included Spirit, with eight canceled flights, Alaska Airlines with three, and Frontier with one.

This is an improvement over Sunday, when, as of 6 p.m., 74 JetBlue flights to or from Boston, or 27% of JetBlue Boston flights, had been canceled, and 40% of JetBlue flights to or from Boston, amounting to 111 flights, were delayed.

In a statement to on Sunday, JetBlue blamed “severe weather in the southeast and multiple air traffic control delay programs” for the delays and cancellations.

“We have unfortunately had to cancel flights this weekend, and today’s cancellations will help us reset our operation and safely move our crews and aircraft back in to position,” the airline said at the time. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and we are working to get them on their way as quickly as possible.”

Across the country, 1,248 flights were delayed for domestic, as well as into or out of the United States. As for canceled flights, there were 496, according to FlightAware. By airline, JetBlue had canceled 137 flights and delayed 226. Spirit had canceled 255 and delayed 53.

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