Wine Is Way Too Complicated. These 5 Subscriptions Services Fix All That.

Wine Is Way Too Complicated. These 5 Subscriptions Services Fix All That.

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Drinking alcohol is best advised in moderation for optimal health and athletic performance, so it doesn’t hurt to indulge with a glass or two of wine as a way to unwind after a long, busy day at work or as an accompaniment for date-night or a delicious steak dinner.

“A body of research suggests that wine, particularly red wine, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, whereby light drinkers who consume wine can reduce the risk of dying prematurely, as compared to non-drinkers,” says Lauren Harris-Pincus, M.S., R.D.N., author of The Everything Easy Pre-Diabetes Cookbook.

Credit red wine’s high antioxidant content, in the form of “polyphenols,” which may improve heart health and cholesterol, fight inflammation, and protect against disease.

But all this nutrition stuff aside, wine is really fun to drink.

Maybe you have a few go-to wines and you’re looking to expand on what you like. Or maybe you don’t really know where to start other than that you know you’ve liked some of the wines you’ve had.

Wine subscriptions are the easiest and most convenient way to try new wines regularly, right at home. While you can grab a new bottle of wine at the store, a subscription brings the wine straight to your door and builds anticipation, as you wait for a new selection every few weeks or months.

These are the five best wine subscriptions to try right now.

“Bright Cellars is a monthly wine subscription club that allows you to take a personalized quiz to determine which wine you will most enjoy, and then you rate each one you receive, so your suggested wines can be adjusted for future shipments,” says Harris-Pincus.

The customer service is excellent, and upon signing up as a new member, you’ll receive four premium bottles, all perfectly paired to please your palate, which are priced at a 60 percent discount. This is a great way to enjoy premium wines for a more affordable price and to make sure you’re getting the best selection for your preferences with each subscription box.

Easy and flexible, Winc is one of the best wine subscriptions out there, where you can pause or cancel at any time. (Though you likely won’t want to!) Wines are shipped straight to your door, and you can rate wines and find new wines that are best matched to your vino preferences and top-rated bottles and blends. You can save with a 10 percent discount on orders of 12 or more bottles, and you can win monetary rewards and credits through referral programs, by adding a member to your account or recommending Winc to friends or family who decide to try it, too and sign up.

Trying different wines routinely is simple with a membership for Naked Wines, which is one of the best wine subscriptions for accessing wines from across the globe and from high-quality winemakers, all at a marked down price point of up to 60 percent off per bottle. The savings are huge, and the kinds of flavors you’ll find with each bottle of wine and varietal are bold, different and incredibly flavorful. You’ll be able to explore ratings from different customers as you browse the site, for help in choosing your preferred wines and selection, too. There’s a rich variety in quantity and quality, with several types of wines to choose from, including rose, sparkling, red and white, all within Naked Wines’ vast, extensive wine-making community.

Firstleaf is one of the top wine subscriptions available, and especially if you’re a fan of California wines, such as Napa Valley Cabernets, as an example. All of Firstleaf’s wines come from Napa or Sonoma County, CA, and they’re of pristine quality, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy every single bottle that’s delivered to your door. For about $15 a month, you’ll get six different bottles of red or white wine from California, and after signing up, taking a quiz and picking your first six bottles to test out, Firstleaf begins recording your preferences and ratings to help you more efficiently select wine for future orders.

Canned wine has become the go-to for wine drinkers who want to take their wine on the go or enjoy outdoors at picnics and barbecues, especially now that temperatures are getting warmer. Each subscription and shipment order includes three different wines and genres, offering rose, red and white canned wine blends, for customers to sip, glassware-free. While the selection is more limited than some of the other subscription packages and options available out now, the canned-wine format has become quite popular, and a membership for regular shipments makes it super accessible and more affordable.

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