CrossFit Champ Justin Medeiros Reveals the Biggest Mistake People Make at the Gym

CrossFit Champ Justin Medeiros Reveals the Biggest Mistake People Make at the Gym

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courtesy of justin medeiros

Courtesy of Justin Medeiros

Last year’s CrossFit Games Champ and current Fittest Man on Earth Justin Medeiros is quickly becoming a rising star in the world of competitive fitness. During a wide-ranging interview with Men’s Health, Medeiros revealed some of his key fitness tips as well as one major mistake he sees people make when trying to make improvements in the gym.

According to the fitness champ, consistency is one of the most important aspects to any workout plan. Medeiros says that he sees people hit the gym in short, highly motivated spurts but will often trail off and lose interest. This is one of the quickest ways to lose progress.

“Consistency is the biggest thing. You get people that hit it hard one week and then fall off the next week and then try to hop back on the wagon the week after. It’s all over the place,” Medeiros says. “From the beginner level all the way to the elite level, the body loves having consistency and repetition. So find two or three days a week and make sure that you get into the gym and make progress that way.”

Staying motivated for the gym can be a major challenge all on its own, so finding workouts that are fun and engaging is important for any long-term fitness plan, according to Medeiros.

“I think that having a good time while you train is huge, especially because that’s what’s awesome about CrossFit — you get to go in every day and do it with a group of friends. You have that community that you do these workouts with to help you hold yourself accountable,” Medeiros added.

Be sure to take a look at the rest of Medeiros’ interview for more insider tips on how to improve your workout plan and stay motivated for the gym. Later on in the piece, the CrossFit champ also touches on ways to improve your technique to avoid injuries and other training mishaps.

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