Sylvester Stallone Revealed the ‘Toughest Challenge’ of His Movie Career

Sylvester Stallone Revealed the ‘Toughest Challenge’ of His Movie Career

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Sylvester Stallone regularly takes to his Instagram to get nostalgic and share memories from his action movie career, whether it’s telling the story of one of his first ever auditions, or recalling how Dolph Lundgren sent him to the hospital during a particularly brutal fight scene.

In a new post, the 75-year-old actor shared his “most memorable” achievement: getting Rocky Balboa made. The 2006 movie was the sixth movie in the franchise, and came a full six years after Rocky V in 1990.

“I love the sixth installment,” Stallone wrote. “It was the toughest challenge I ever had. Took over 12 years to make happen. No one wanted to make it. Absolutely no one. It was considered a joke. But in my heart I loved the idea and thought if I’m going to go out, I want to go out making this movie. Even though no one involved with the other previous productions wanted anything to do with it, and it finally made against all odds!!!”

“When people ask what is your most memorable film moment. Rocky Balboa, without a doubt,” he continued. “That was the ultimate challenge. The first Rocky of course was amazing… But this one was almost impossible dream. I pushed that boulder uphill for 12 long years against overwhelming negativity until it finally happened… Almost by accident. Someday I’ll tell the whole story.”

Stallone opened up about the movie after sharing a video on Instagram from the last day of a month and a half of fight rehearsals on the movie. In the clip, he speaks about the combination of “realism, danger, and professionalism” that came with the casting of real-life professional boxer Antonio Tarver as Rocky’s opponent Mason “The Line” Dixon.

“We’re trying to push the limits of film boxing,” he says.

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While Rocky Balboa may have been seen as a risk at the time, it ultimately renewed interest in the long-running franchise enough to warrant a spinoff movie, 2015’s Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan with Stallone in a supporting role. That in turn led to a 2018 sequel. Creed III, directed by Jordan and the first movie in that universe to not include an appearance by Stallone, will be released later this year.

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