‘Only Murders in the Building’ Stars Steve Martin and Martin Short Share the Secret to 36 Years of Friendship

‘Only Murders in the Building’ Stars Steve Martin and Martin Short Share the Secret to 36 Years of Friendship

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  • Actors Steve Martin and Martin Short open up about staying close for the last 36 years.
  • Martin and Short revealed they have a special bond and often make each other laugh like nobody else can.
  • The two met while filming the 1986 comedy Three Amigos! and are currently co-stars in the Emmy-nominated Hulu show Only Murders in the Building alongside Selena Gomez.

    Long before actors Steve Martin and Martin Short co-starred in the Hulu hit Only Murders in the Building, the famous duo became close friends while acting alongside one another in the 1986 comedy Three Amigos! Over the last 36 years, Short, 72, and Martin, 75, have cultivated a Hollywood friendship like no other. And as the costars go up against each other as nominees in the upcoming Emmy awards, the comedians revealed the secret to their long-lasting friendship.

    “We were on the set of Three Amigos!, and he did something, and I just had this feeling,” Martin said about his first impression of Short in an interview with People. “As a comedian, you appreciate people who are funny, and he just had it.”

    But even after the filming of Three Amigos! wrapped, the two actors stayed in touch, which was the key to building their long-term friendship. “The three of us had so much fun in the movie and we did make a conscious effort to keep up with each other,” Short added about the movie which also starred Chevy Chase.

    “Often, you make a film and you never see the other actors again,” Short continued. “We were having dinner and vacationing together right away, and then [Steve and I] made three other films together.”

    Martin added in the interview that he has a comfort with Short that makes spending time together so special. “There’s just an ease between us,” Martin said. “Sometimes, I’ll hang out with Marty and I’ll realize I haven’t laughed that hard in two months. And that just feels great.”

    Short agreed and added that he has grown to truly appreciate their unique friendship. “You have a perspective at this age that it’s not forever. So to feel great and healthy and have loved ones around you, you appreciate it,” Short said.

    The two starred in Father of the Bride!, Father of the Bride Part II, and the 2018 Netflix special Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life before working on Only Murders in the Building, which was recently renewed for a third season.

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    Now, it’s especially exciting for the duo to work on a hit television show, given they get to do what they love with someone they love to be around. “I don’t think you ever really expect it, so it’s a nice surprise when it happens,” Martin told People of the success of Emmy-nominated Only Murders in the Building. “I am thrilled to be in an undeniable hit show–and to be working with my friend that I would hang out with anyways.”

    But what really keeps the Emmy nominees close is their ability to poke fun at each other in the most loving way. “The truth is, we don’t spend that much time together. When we’re working, we do, but we might not talk for a while. We don’t talk every day on the phone,” Martin said in the interview.

    “Even when we do talk on the phone, I’m not listening,” Short joked. Martin then added, “I know, there are a lot of long silences.”

    This isn’t the first time the pair opened up about their close friendship. In a previous interview with People, Short said, “Steve’s best quality is who he is as a man. He’s very moral, he’s very loyal, very, very ethical. And this is beyond all that talent. You can be working with the most talented, funniest human being in the world, but if you don’t have those other things, you don’t really want to tour with someone.”

    Martin also complimented Short in the same interview. “He’s kind of the perfect person. He’s smart, he’s funny. He has many friends. He’s the most popular guy at your dinner party. If he’s coming to a dinner party, it’s a better dinner party. If Marty can’t come, you cancel the party.”

    We love their friendship and can’t wait to find out what shenanigans Martin and Short’s characters get into during the rest of this season of Only Murders in the Building.

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