Natalia Dyer Opened Up About Her ‘Stranger Things’ Love Triangle

Natalia Dyer Opened Up About Her ‘Stranger Things’ Love Triangle

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Stranger Things spoilers follow.

Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer has shared her thoughts on Nancy Wheeler’s long-running love triangle on the show.

It’s been a long road for Nancy. In series 1 of the Netflix hit show, she was initially was dating Steve. However, as Steve made a string of mistakes, Nancy found herself spending more and more time with Jonathan.

Their time together intensified as they tried to work out what happened to Barb.

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In season 2, Nancy and Jonathan finally acted on their feelings for one another and in season 3, they got together officially. Sadly though, things took a turn for the worst in season 4 after Jonathan moved away. As a result, Steve then revealed that he still has feelings for Nancy.

When Dyer was questioned about whether she feels her character is stuck in a love triangle though, she had a surprising response.

“It’s funny. Me personally, those questions are always kind of tough to answer because, I mean, no. I get the concept and I can see that it’s, ‘Oh, we’re pitting things,'” she told Collider Ladies Night.

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“But for me and Nancy, it’s just so much more grey than that and so much more realistic in relationships and how they evolve and how they change and not putting everything in a box.”

She added: “And I think in the context of everything that’s going on, it’s really hard to be like, ‘Who’s she gonna end up with?’ And it’s like, ‘Well, in the world of our characters, the world is potentially gonna end and they just had this giant rift thing, and they just narrowly escaped death again. I don’t know!’ I don’t know. Who’s to say who she’s gonna end up with? It’s a really funny thing, but I like that it interests people still.”

It certainly interests us.

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