Missouri upsets No. 15 Kansas State in crazy fashion

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In a week where there weren’t many exciting games on the docket, we had one that was a thriller, coming down to the wire and a booming field goal. Missouri scored their first win over a ranked opponent at home since 2013, knocking off (15) Kansas State 30-27.

The way that this game ended is going to live for a long time when we remember the craziest things that happened this season. Let’s set the stage:

Missouri was driving to try and win the game and took a knee to set up kicker Harrison Mevis for a then 56-yard field goal. HOWEVER, the Tigers had no timeouts, but head coach might have Eli Drinkwitz believed that he did, waiting to send out his team and ultimately drawing a delay of game penalty, pushing them back 5 yards. This would make it a 61-yard field goal, almost unheard of not only for college kickers to make, but to even take.

Enter the Thicker Kicker, Mevis. The big man with the big leg blasted this beauty right down the middle from 61 yards out to win the game, and he put his whole foot into this one:

That had a few yards to spare on it as well, that’s NFL level range.

Not only does that kick give Missouri their first win over a ranked opponent at home in a decade, but that kick also set records as well:

The 61-yard field goal by @MizzouFootball to defeat Kansas State is the longest field goal in @SEC history. Previous long was 60, nearly 40 years ago in 1984.

— Chuck Dunlap (@SEC_Chuck) September 16, 2023

Good for Mevis and Missouri. Eli Drinkwitz needs to buy Mevis a house with all that money he makes.

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