Mario Lopez Showed Off His Abs at Age 48 After a Boxing Workout

Mario Lopez Showed Off His Abs at Age 48 After a Boxing Workout

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Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez still looks shredded at the age of 48, a fact he credits to staying committed to putting in the work in the gym amid a busy lifestyle. “I don’t feel like I’ve even really woken up until I’ve broken a sweat,” Lopez previously told Men’s Health. “I think your health should be a top priority, because if you don’t have that, what does anything else matter?”

The Access Hollywood host just shared a brief clip from one such early morning workout with boxing coach Julian Chua. “Wednesday workout… Nothing wakes you up like getting punched in the face,” he joked in the video, flexing and showing off his lean, muscular physique. Lopez is a regular at at Brickhouse Boxing Club in North Hollywood, and even found time to hit the mat for six rounds of sparring on his most recent birthday.

“Getting that early midweek workout in,” he wrote in the caption for the new post, which got an approving comment of applause and heart emojis from his friend and occasional workout buddy Mark Wahlberg.. “Tryin to stay sharp & focused!” He also added the hashtag: #GettingPunchedIsBetterThanCoffee.

For Lopez, boxing and martial arts—particularly jiu jitsu, which he describes as like “physical chess”—aren’t just about staying in shape and challenging his fitness; there’s a less material benefit too. “It instills such a great work ethic and confidence and physical toughness, as well as emotional, psychological toughness, and a lot of confidence,” he said.

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