Here’s Where The Staircase Subject Michael Peterson Is Now

Here’s Where The Staircase Subject Michael Peterson Is Now

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Kathleen Peterson’s death became a national, long-standing mystery with the 2004 documentary The Staircase. And in addition to the unanswered questions around her death, there were also unanswered questions on the guilt or innocence of her husband, Michael Peterson. And although his initial murder trial took place in 2003, Michael Peterson’s saga didn’t have definitive ending until 2018.

To recap the case, Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the bottom of her staircase in 2001. When investigators looked into her death though, they suspected foul play due to the shocking amount of blood on the scene, and that the only witness was her husband. The case is still a major discussion for true-crime fans, some of whom wonder if Michael Peterson really did kill his wife, or if it was merely an accident as he claims. Although law enforcement may say the case is closed, there’s still unanswered questions and various theories surrounding Kathleen’s death we may never know for sure.

HBO Max’s new drama The Staircase reenacts the entire story, documentary included, in a star-studded limited series out now. But with only eight episodes, the show has to leave a few details out, including the aftermath of the initial trial, and what happened to Michael Peterson after the jury gave him their verdict. Because in fact, the story didn’t really end there. Michael Peterson’s conviction and life sentence in 2003 was only some of the story.

Here’s everything we know about what happened to Michael Peterson after HBO Max’s The Staircase.

What Happened to Michael Peterson after The Staircase?

Peterson was placed on house arrest in 2011 before his retrial, then officially freed in 2017 after submitting an Alford Plea (he admitted the evidence against him could prove he was guilty, while protesting his innocence).

The writer produced a memoir in 2009 called Behind the Staircase, and a sequel Beyond the Staircase. And according to Newsweek, Peterson entered a relationship with an editor on the 2004 documentary The Staircase, and the two dated from 2011 to 2017.

Peterson’s defense attorney David Rudolf told Oxygen in 2019 that Peterson is currently living in Durham in a ground floor apartment…so no staircase. Peterson sold the house he owned with his wife Kathleen back in 2004.

Today, the 78-year-old is completely free and out of prison.

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