Zara Zamani From Chromia Talks Blockchain Games, Fashion x Gen Z

Zara Zamani From Chromia Talks Blockchain Games, Fashion x Gen Z

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Meet Zara Zamani. She’s the Chief Solutions Officer at ChromaWay; the mother company of the Chromia network.  Most famous for the game ‘My Neighbor Alice’, and with the upcoming launch of Mines of Dalarnia, Chromia is famous for gaming. However, NFTevening met her at Paris NFT Day where she spoke to us about some of Chromia’s other successes, reminding us why she is among the most influential women in the Web3 space.

zara zamani chromeaway chief solutions officer with chromia network's my neighbor alice, mines of dalarnia games
Chromia’s Chief Solutions Officer Zara Zamani revealed her take on Web3 fashion, Gen Z, as well as Chromia’s future plans for the Metaverse.

The Success Of My Neighbor Alice Strengthened Chromia’s Gaming Portfolio

Chromia is a leading layer one and two network supporting decentralized apps and blockchain games. At this moment, the platform is most famous for supporting My Neighbor Alice. Plus, as many of you may know, they will also support the upcoming blockchain game, Mines of Dalarnia. The roaring success of My Neighbor Alice and the excitement for the latter has strengthened Chromia’s gaming portfolio.

When asked about the success of My neighbor Alice, Zara laughed. “Plenty of reasons, I would say”, “when you talk about success with gaming, there’s multiple dimensions”.  Zara explained that first and foremost, the technology was very important; such as using the proof of stake consensus.

However, Zara Zamani noted another important reason for My Neighbor Alice’s success: “Also the fact that it was enabling a lot of females and it’s a feminine game”.  The current games market doesn’t really cater to so many female voices, and what Zara says is true – My Neighbor Alice is extremely accessible to women and girls.

The path that Chromia is heading in, is surely a step in the right direction for building a more inclusive web3. Hopefully, the Mines Of Dalarnia launch will see the same success for them!

Chromia Do Way More Than Support Blockchain Games

“People think we’re a gaming blockchain, but we’re just not!” Zara Zamani laughed frustratedly.

chromaway chief solutions officer zara zamani speaks to nftevening youtube presenter hameda at paris NFT Day
We were lucky enough to catch up with Zara Zamani from ChomaWay at Paris NFT Day

True, it seems like people seem to mistake Chromia for being a blockchain just for games. In reality, they support many projects including real estate, music and art. A great example of this is Chromia’s music platform Corite which aims to bring artists closer to their fans. The platform has a unique way to let fans become their favorite musician’s financial backers.

Many projects on the Chromia Network seem to epitomize how blockchain tech can revolutionize certain industries.  “Well, Chromia has a lot of values in terms of being able to democratize spaces and industries,” Zara explained.

Taking over the Web3 fashion industry

According to Zara Zamani, though, Chromia is ready to take over a key niche of the Web3 world: Fashion.

collage of images from the NFT Paris Day featuring Zara Zamani's Chromia Network
The team at Chromia Network was present at NFT Paris Day, where Zara Zamani also gave a powerful speech on Web3 fashion. Credits: Twitter

As one of the leading women in Web3,  blockchain expert Zamani gave a speech during NFT Paris Day titled “Laying Your First Stone in Fashion Tech Right.” Of course, Zara Zamani highlighted Chromia’s relational blockchain tech.

It was a trend NFTevening felt throughout the whole of Paris NFT Day and Zara agreed.  “There is a lot of opportunity for fashion brands,” she told us, confirming the network would be “stepping into fashion tech”.

When asked why they were looking into the stylish side of the blockchain, Zara explained. “I think fashion is one industry that has a lot of potential to be democratized”. She told NFTevening that blockchain and NFT tech allows new and existing designers to “shine” whilst “decentralizing the decision-making power in fashion”. Her finger is really on the pulse, as we’ve seen countless metaverse fashion brands popping up left, right and center.

But Why Should Fashion Be On The Blockchain?

Essentially, her reasoning is fashion will likely become a key niche for Gen Z.

Zamani told NFTevening to imagine someone in her 10-year-old’s generation.  She’s the type of child who lives in the Metaverse space, She’s going to be the potential customer of the future NFT fashion brands.
That says that we really have no other choice: we have to go in that direction”. 

Not only are Chromia stylish, but it seems they also know how to plan for the future. The youngest of GenZ are growing up metaverse-ready and the whole industry must prepare for that. Zara Zamani is already a step ahead. It’s no wonder she’s constantly listed as one of the most influential women in web3.

image of the official Chromia logo
Chromia Network will expand its portfolio by exploring fashion, architecture, music, and more throughout 2022. Credits: Chromia

What’s next for Chromia Network?

In short, the platform aims to expand its portfolio to as many niches as possible. For example, its NFT protocol Originals, is an innovative standard for increasing utility. Moreover, the Chromia network already backs the decentralized finance platform Hedget. Not to mention, there’s also Lingon, a platform offering digital certificates to anyone through blockchain tech. She also cited that AR and VR may be something we can look forward to in the future.

Right now, however, all eyes are on the Mines of Dalarnia launch. ChromaWay confirmed the game will finally launch on mainnet on April 26th, and honestly, we can not wait.

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