You’ll Never Pay for a $5 Latte Again After You Try These Delicious Frozen Coffee Pods

You’ll Never Pay for a $5 Latte Again After You Try These Delicious Frozen Coffee Pods

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As a self-professed coffee connoisseur—OK, fine, addict—I’ve tried a lot of coffee in my adult life. I have a fancy espresso machine (shout out to my trusted Breville!), a convenient AF Kuerig machine, a hip pour-over set-up for special occasions, and of course, a good old-fashioned Mr. Coffee machine that always gets the job done. While I consider myself relatively well-versed in the coffee arena, when I stumbled upon Cometeer’s frozen coffee pods on Instagram (a well-targeted ad, I must admit), I was instantly intrigued by the frozen format.

Naturally, since I’d not only never tried frozen coffee pods but also had never heard of the delivery system of sorts, I knew I had to get my hands on some ASAP. My shipment arrived in a box with dry ice and six boxes filled with frozen coffee pods. I instantly recognized the coffee roaster names on some of the pods—Go Get ‘Em Tiger (one of my favorite Los Angeles coffee shops), Bird Rock, Counter Culture, Birch, and Equator just to name a few.

Cometeer Frozen Coffee Capsules

Down from $64

New customers can score 25 percent off their first Cometeer order, making it just $48 for 32 cups of coffee. Plus, you can choose from eight different roast combos of light, medium, and dark roasts.

“Making” your Cometeer coffee couldn’t be more simple—all you have to do is take the coffee capsule out of your freezer, run it under some hot water to partially melt the product, and either drop it in a glass with cold water and ice (or your favorite milk) for an iced coffee or add hot water for a warm cup. That’s it. But while Cometeer’s coffee capsules are delightfully convenient, what really blew me away was honestly just how good the coffee is. My fiance was actually startled when he heard me gasp with delight after my first sip—and no, I’m not making this up. I frequent top-rated coffee shops here in Austin, and the almond milk latte I made with Cometeer topped all of the barista-made espresso drinks by a long shot.

The secret behind Cometeer’s mind-blowing flavor is the brand’s patented extraction system, which allows the roasters to be able to pull more flavor from a single bean than ever before. Whatever their process is, it’s working, because when I ran out of my Cometeer pods and had to resort to my other coffee-making methods, I was supremely disappointed and re-ordered my next batch promptly. Be warned, once you switch to Cometeer, you won’t be able to go back to your go-to coffee brewing routine. Fortunately, it’s a coffee-making method you can feel good about—the environmentally-conscious brand uses aluminum capsules, recyclable shipping boxes and packaging, and composted coffee grounds. Again, it’s also just mind-blowing good. If you love coffee, give Cometeer a try—you’ll thank me later.


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