Yes, Justin Timberlake Really Had a Cameo in Candy

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2022 should be dubbed the Year of True Crime. With The Dropout, Inventing Anna, Girl from Plainville and countless other true crime reenactments hitting streaming services just in the first half of the year alone, it’s clear Hollywood is obsessed with taking stories ripped from the headlines. There’s are even set to be multiple adaptations of the same story, like Adam McKay’s adaptation of Bad Blood, where Jennifer Lawrence will play the same role that Amanda Seyfried played in The Dropout: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

The newest addition to this phenomenon comes from Hulu. Candy follows the story of Candy Montgomery, a woman who was accused of having an affair with her friend’s husband Allan Gore, then later murdering said friend, Betty Gore, in Texas in 1980. Ultimately, the jury found Montgomery not guilty, as she posited she acted in self-defense. Still, the crime was sensational enough to warrant speculation as to whether or not Montgomery really did murder her friend. Jessica Biel stars in the five-episode Hulu adaptation, which was first released on May 9, and will have each episode released over the course of the four days following its premiere. Later this year, Elizabeth Olsen will star alongside Jesse Plemons in a separate adaptation on HBO Max titled Love and Death.

The show is based on real life, so it’s unlikely to have many surprises. But in Episode 4, “Cover Girl,” Candy manages to sneak in a surprising cameo from a famous face. Yeah, your eyes weren’t deceiving you, it’s really who you think it is.

Does Justin Timberlake Have a Cameo in Candy?

In Episode 4, “Cover Girl,” Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel’s husband, appears as Deputy Steve Diffenbaugh alongside co-star Melanie Lynskey’s husband, (also well-known) actor Jason Ritter. Fun little meta moment! As Diffenbaugh, Timberlake takes pictures of the crime scene, sees other cops questioning the neighbors, and collects evidence from the house.

Timberlake and Beal posted on Instagram to celebrate his appearance. On Timberlake’s Instagram, he has a picture of he and Biel, dressed as their characters, and captioned it, “Belly’s fake, hair’s fake, mustache is real. Meet Diffy.”

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On Biel’s account a gallery is up, along with the cheeky caption, “Watch out, Candy. There’s a new sheriff in town.”

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There’s no telling how long Diffenbaugh will be around for in the series–it’s unclear if he plays a real person or a fictional one–but it’s fun to see the couple flex their acting chops alongside each other.

According to USA Today, Timberlake didn’t even ask for payment. Timberlake’s performance shocked Biel, who said her husband was “in his element.” “

“There’s definitely those moments where you pop out of character,” Biel says. “You look across the table, like, ‘Is that my husband with that belly and that hair and that mustache? Oh my God, it is.'”

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