Why Travel? Learn How to Travel Like a Pro!

Why Travel? Learn How to Travel Like a Pro!

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Orlando, Florida, 30th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Today we leave the floor to Nikki Webster, a travel writer who covers how to travel while grinding a day job, how to travel without breaking the bank hotels, cruising and off-the-beaten track experiences. She is a traveler as well as the author of blogs and travel guides , who explains why traveling, according her, is not only a fun activity, useful for expanding one’s own cultural horizon (and geographic, of course!). Subscribe to her newsletter now and get the best travel tips and inspirational stories delivered to your inbox every month.

She is particularly fond of Florida and writes extensively about the state. She flies around 60,000 miles per year and has visited fifty-four countries, fifty states, and six continents. You can read all about her travels at www.britonthemove.com or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Born in the UK, Brit moved to the US in 1996 to attend UCF. An avid traveler, Brit constantly seeks out the next adventure while researching cost effective routes. Brit is a passionate, vocal non-nonsense lady that believes the world is her oyster! She has been an avid traveler for many years. Relocated to the USA in 1996, She visited every state and many countries along the way. Use her advice to travel better, cheaper, and smarter. Let Brit help you plan your trip of a lifetime! 

Brit is a proud member of the Fifty States Club, and she accomplished this in less than twenty years. She also visited over fifty countries on six continents. She has always had the “travel bug” but over time, she got good at scoring deals, maximizing her time off and a pro at coordinating long country hopping trips.

Why travel? 

Broaden your vision of the world and of life 

Traveling has changed my way of seeing the world a lot.

Traveling means seeing other cultures up close, realizing that, in life, we share the same fundamental values and the same goals. We are part of a whole, we are all connected. What is better for learning about tolerance of one another than travel?

When you return home, you will certainly be more tolerant of others, especially foreigners and different cultures. We are often afraid of what we do not know. Life’s difficulties and small daily problems will diminish. 

Greater self-confidence

It is even more true if you go to the other side of the world. Clashing with other cultures and with different environments only strengthens our self-confidence.

If you are shy, traveling can be of great help! Forget the coaches at one hundred euros per hour who promise to help overcome shyness, a vacation overseas is worth more.

You will learn to embrace others. You will also become a natural social buff after a while. And who knows, you will also become a great talker! 

Live strong experiences

Travel is the single most important life experience that money can buy. The choice to travel is yours. Traveling independently often means strong encounters that take you out of your comfort zone. It also means discovering incredible sites, landscapes from another world, mythical places. Traveling is having the opportunity to do activities that otherwise we would never have had the opportunity to discover.

How Brit on the Move™ will help you:

  • Learn the techniques that professional travelers use to see the world
  • Learn how to travel using points from credit card and loyalty programs
  • Learn how to find the best travel deals that accomplish your travel goals
  • Gain expert knowledge about destinations you are considering
  • Get honest reviews and advice

Brit on the Move provides practical advice about how you can see the world without breaking the bank coupled with a hefty dose of British sarcasm or British. Brit on the Move™ is an unbiased travel knowledge center. The goal is help you travel without quitting your job or breaking the bank. 

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