What it’ll take for Swiggy delivery boys to become managers

What it’ll take for Swiggy delivery boys to become managers

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Swiggy is giving its blue-collar workers a clearer path to white-collar jobs.

On April 25, the food-delivery company launched an accelerator programme to help its delivery partners transition to full-time, managerial roles. To become a fleet manager, a Swiggy delivery executive must hold a college degree, possess communication skills and basic computer knowledge, and should have been delivering with Swiggy for three-to-four years at least. Swiggy is even considering reducing this to two years.

“While most may consider their association with the platform as a stop-gap between jobs or an education, or even an additional source of income, we realise there are some who want more,” said Mihir Rajesh Shah, vice-president of operations at Swiggy. The opportunity is available to the eight-year-old company’s 270,000 riders.

Several delivery executives have already joined as fleet managers. With its “Step Ahead” programme, Swiggy is formalising the process. It intends to reserve at least 20% of all fleet manager jobs for its delivery executives.

Managing a fleet of delivery executives, they will be responsible for tasks like maintaining metrics such as login hours, cancellations, and query resolution. They will also work on special projects for delivery executives.

“Being well-versed with challenges and opportunities at a ground level, owing to their rich experience in delivery, seasoned delivery executives are a natural fit,” the company said in a press release.

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