Vent Finance: The DeFi Launchpad & Safer Way To Participate in Early Token Sales

Vent Finance: The DeFi Launchpad & Safer Way To Participate in Early Token Sales

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Vent Finance is the first multichain community crowdfunding ecosystem that helps you to participate in compliant token sales of credible blockchain projects.

The platform is designed to make the process of finding promising projects fun and accessible for all levels of participants. It opens new fundraising opportunities for everyone in the DeFi space.

Blockchain technology is gradually expanding its application to other fields such as finance, baking, logistics, accounting, auditing, and telecommunications.

Especially, more and more crypto-related projects appear in order to solve problems in everyday life. Clearly, this is good for users, but also a massive opportunity for investors.

There is no shortage of ideas in DeFi, but a lack of financial resources. There have been issues with projects that just don’t stack up, and there is a need for better fundraising platforms.

Platforms that help projects to raise capital are evolving as a necessity. Each ecosystem has different fundraising platforms. One of them is Vent Finance, an all-in-one platform for crypto projects on Cardano and Polygon networks.

What is Vent Finance?

The decentralized Vent Launchpad provides early-stage projects the ability to access crowdfunding.

In addition, the platform also facilitates incubation which helps stimulate the growth of blockchain developers by offering their projects all the required resources, including expert guidance on product development, and strategy.

Launched in early 2021, the purpose of Vent Finance is to solve this problem and simplify the entire process for both projects and their communities. The founders’ purpose is also to strengthen blockchain technology by combining simplicity, security, and transparency.

Currently, you can find a ton of launchpad services available on Vent Finance such as simple, fast, one-time platform-level KYC verification, the ability to access community sales, social features, and project support through extensive incubation partnerships, or rewards for loyal members among others.

There are also learning and research features to help users make informed decisions.

Of course, its blockchain-based security ensures a safe environment by preventing scams and market manipulation that may give you a feeling of peace in mind. To date, the Vent Launchpad launched 13 crypto projects totaling over $3.5 million in transaction volume.

In addition to launching multiple successful projects such as Gamium and Animal Concerts, Vent Finance has also partnered with MELD to bridge the leading Ethereum, Binance Chain, Cardano and Polygon blockchains and other leading platforms in the industry like Chainlink, or DAO Maker.

A Fully Featured Platform

The team at Vent has crafted an amazing fundraising platform. Here are some of the great features you will find there.

Ventup – An IDO Launchpad

IDOs stand for initial DEX offerings that are the next big thing in the crypto world, especially decentralized finance.

In other words, IDOs are a new fundraising method used by decentralized exchanges (DEXs). They are changing the ways that crowd sale patterns tend to provide greater liquidity for crypto assets while also facilitating faster, more open, and fair trading.

The platform’s VentUp feature is dedicated to IDOs and it is designed to be self-directed – allowing participants to interact with high-potential projects.

Another interesting aspect of Vent is its interoperability with Ethereum, Binance, Cardano and Polygon projects, meaning that participants can interact with projects across multiple chains leveraging the Vent Protocol.

From the consumer perspective, Vent offers access to the projects that will build tomorrow’s economy with simplified and democratic public sales.

The CryptoRank platform recently announced that Vent is the number one platform for ROI in Q1 2022:

Top 10 #Launchpads by Current #IDO Average ROI in Q1 2022 🚀


— CryptoRank Platform (@CryptoRank_io) April 15, 2022

From a project’s perspective, Vent stimulates this future economy by supporting Web3 entrepreneurs with guided launches and the tools to better manage their funding, thereby fostering accessibility, trust, and inclusivity.

As Vent offers insurance coverage that shields participants against any potential risks such as hacks and rug pulls from projects they are invested in, it launches high-quality projects that have gone through its vetting process.

The Vent team finds projects that have long-term value to the ecosystem rather than short-term hype.

The community can browse a variety of verified project listings as they interact with their creators and are empowered to select those with the highest growth potential. As said, there’s not only expert guidance but also the backing of a loyal community to help project creators.

The Vent team also holds project developers accountable so that it brings greater trust and security to participants.

With simplicity at its core, the Vent team tries to make the user journey as efficient and painless as possible by improving every component involved, ranging from design to customer support, wallet and API integrations, as well as a one-time frictionless KYC.

Distinguishing features include:

  • A base guaranteed allocation (BGA) that helps users to gain access to IDOs without holding an enormous amount of tokens
  • Greater trust for the community as Vent refunds tokens if projects don’t meet milestones
  • A careful audit system when projects get on board ensures that only high-quality projects are launched and that the smart contract is free of malicious code
  • Continuous updates and unbiased information about projects after launch that offers the long-term value of the token to users

Additional tools and support for project creators to simplify cap table/token sale management.

Joining token sales easily comes along with the ability to use fiat and to participate from a mobile device.

Cheaper gas fees and lower barrier to entry as Vent operate on a layer-2 blockchain.

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The $VENT token is a native token powering the Vent ecosystem. Token holders have access to token sale allocations from the projects launched on the Vent launchpad.

They can earn interest by staking the token and receiving exclusive loyalty rewards for participating in IDOs. Also, the $VENT token is used to participate in fixed pool swaps on Vent Launchpad.

In addition, project creators can choose to receive funding from interested parties in $VENT to lower their Vent Launchpad fee. Similar to other ecosystems, $VENT token holders can vote on proposed changes to the platform and community.

In simple words, by staking $VENT, participants can earn points that make them eligible to participate in future token sales and earn rewards from community engagement and other activities available on the Vent Launchpad.

Vent Finance Grows With the Industry

As you can see, Vent is opening opportunities for Web3 creators to launch their projects with compliant community sales and incubation with full-service incubation.

For the community, the platform offers greater accessibility through guaranteed BGA, mobile access to launches, fiat onboarding, and asset protection.

Currently, the platform is free to use but participants must hold the $VENT token. It is suitable for both crypto beginners and enthusiasts.

Compared to other competitors in the marketplace like Polkastarter, Vent Finance stands out with its unique range of products such as token purchase protection and due diligence, or strategy and marketing support for project creators.

Find Capital With Vent

Today, ICOs have evolved with the emergence of DEXs that give rise to the IDO mode, which has become a viable means of funding crypto projects.

However, in order for a crypto project to launch an IDO successfully, creators need a trustless decentralized launchpad such as Vent Finance.

By launching products combining simplicity, security, and transparency, the Vent team is determined to build the economy of the future as well as reset the world’s expectations of what a decentralized Launchpad can be.

On top of it, the VentUp platform is constantly evolving to become simpler to use, faster, and more secure as the right way to experience DeFi.

These efforts aim to make it easy for even those who are new to crypto to not only participate but also to provide feedback and support directly in the community.

With Vent Finance and its products, you can simply access reliable blockchain projects with the security of a qualified due diligence process.

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