Ubisoft’s new ‘team battle arena’ game isn’t a battle royale, claims company

Ubisoft’s new ‘team battle arena’ game isn’t a battle royale, claims company

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Following a leak early Saturday, Ubisoft announced it was working on a new “team battle arena” game codenamed Project Q. Before Ubisoft’s official announcement, leaker Tom Henderson shared footage of Project Q, showcasing a title that looks like a mix between Overwatch and Fortnite. One mode, dubbed “Showdown,” features four teams of two players pitted against one another to decide the winner, while a second “Battle Zone” mode sees two teams of four players competing to earn 100 points first.

Despite similarities to games like PUBG and Warzone, Ubisoft was quick to claim Project Q isn’t another battle royale. “By the way, this is not a battle royale,” the company tweeted. “The game will feature a variety of PvP modes with one single goal in mind: Fun!” Ubisoft also announced it doesn’t plan to add NFTs to Project Q. Among video game publishers, Ubisoft has been one of the more bullish proponents of Web3 monetization, a stance that has not endeared the company among gamers.

You can sign up on Ubisoft’s website to receive updates on Project Q. According to the registration page, the company is developing the title for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC. The confirmation of Project Q‘s existence follows the recent news that Ubisoft would shut down Hyper Scape, its first attempt at a battle royale, on the 28th.

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