Top Trainer Jeff Cavaliere Explains the Simple Way to Grow Your ‘Flat’ Biceps

Top Trainer Jeff Cavaliere Explains the Simple Way to Grow Your ‘Flat’ Biceps

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In a new video on the Athlean-X channel, strength coach Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S. offers up a couple of reasons why you might not be getting the visible results you want while training your biceps.

The first explanation is a simple one: your body fat percentage is masking your gains. “Your body fat isn’t just limited to around your waist,” he says. “It can go everywhere on your body, and if you have just too much of it, it’s going to hide no matter what your biceps are looking like.”

Another possible reason is that while training arms, your grip is not sufficiently supinated.
Cavaliere goes on to share how to maximize the efficiency of your curls by introducing a greater degree of supination by switching up your grip style. For dumbbell curls, that means holding the handle of the dumbbell so that your thumb and forefinger are touching the weight. This will make the dumbbell naturally fall vertically as you lift it, forcing you to supinate the forearm to keep it level.

He then shows how to get the most out of your banded curls by looping the band around your thumbs, squeezing, and trying to turn your thumbs outward as much as possible to ensure that each and every repetition is effective.

When it comes to doing a cable curl, Cavaliere demonstrates how to offset your grip, turning and spinning the handle as you move it through space for additional resistance against supination.

“The supination is the differentiator between biceps flexion of the elbow and brachialis flexion of the elbow,” explains Cavaliere. “What oftentimes happens is we just sort of turn our wrists up, but we’re not forcefully trying to do that, and if you’re not, you’re missing the biggest opportunity to grow your biceps fully.”

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