This Influencer Just Shared Side-by-Side Bikini Pics to Celebrate Her ‘Imperfections’

This Influencer Just Shared Side-by-Side Bikini Pics to Celebrate Her ‘Imperfections’

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“Cellulite doesn’t mean you’re fat and out of shape.”

By Christina Oehler Updated February 04, 2020

Its 2020, and it’s officially time to start accepting all types of bodies. Luckily, plenty of women are working to make this happen—and Wisconsin-based influencer Ashley Dockter is one of them. 

On January 5, Dockter shared a photo of herself lounging in a bathing suit on Instagram, showing a close-up look at her thighs. She’s sporting an ear-to-ear smile, yet the 28-year-old’s emotional caption touches on her insecurities surrounding her cellulite. 

Cellulite, of course, is a sore point for a lot of women—even though 90% of women will develop it at some point in life, typically on their butt, hips, or thighs.

Docktor, founder of whey protein retailer True Blue Health LLC, wrote that she used to do “everything to hide my thighs, I hated shorts and swim suits, I would cry about my legs thinking they were not attractive.” She went on to say that she’s now pregnant, and she believes her cellulite is more noticeable.

But she has a solution, and she wants other women like her to hear it. “Let’s stop making cellulite a ‘flaw’ on women,” she wrote. “Cellulite doesn’t mean you’re fat and out of shape. Stop being insecure about it, it’s NORMAL.”

Dockter’s message clearly made an impression on her followers, especially those who are pregnant or have already had kids and are dealing with the same insecurities.

“Thank you for being so raw and honest!!!” wrote one woman. “I struggle with the cellulite so bad and always have. No matter how thin I get I still have it. Being 20 weeks pregnant now it feels like it’s gotten so much worse, but seeing your posts reminds me there isn’t much I can do about it and that it’s NORMAL!”

Another commenter added, “I’ve struggled with the same thing ever since I had kids. But I’m learning to love me just as I am.”

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