This Dad Ran a 2:19 Half Marathon While Pushing 5 Kids in a Stroller

This Dad Ran a 2:19 Half Marathon While Pushing 5 Kids in a Stroller

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A father of quintuplets has just set a brand new Guinness World Record for running a half-marathon in the fastest time while pushing five children in a stroller. Chad Kempel, who is dad to Gabriella, Grayson, Lincoln, Noelle and Preston Kempel, broke the very specific record at the Oakland Marathon last weekend.

“I was very challenged on that day,” Kempel told Idaho News 6. “I’m the first person doing it, but when you’re the first person to set a record, Guinness gives you a certain cutoff, and they gave me a cutoff of 2 hours and 30 minutes.”

Kempel finished the 13.1-mile race in 2:19, well under time, securing the record.

“They were saying, ‘Run faster dad!’ and I’m just dying sweating and I’m like, ‘I don’t even know if I can go any farther!'” Kempel said. “I had forgotten how heavy it could be, especially when we’re going up a hill, even if it’s barely a hill at all, and I’m basically full-on holding the whole thing up.”

This was Kempel’s second attempt at setting this specific half-marathon record, but he also holds the Guinness World Record for running an entire marathon while pushing all five children in a stroller, a feat he achieved at the Modesto Marathon in 2019 when Lincoln, Grayson, Preston, Noelle, and Gabriella were still babies.

“One of my escapes, either after they go to bed or early in the morning, is I go for a run,” Kempel told Guinness World Records at the time. “Running is my thing, that’s my anti-depressant, that’s my feel-good, that’s my celebration. Every emotion, I pair that with running… When we had the quintuplets, I didn’t really expect that I would go running with all five of them at the same time.”

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Chad Kempel

For this latest successful record-breaking attempt, Kempel’s wife Amy was there every step of the way. “People cheer me on but I’m just thinking this nothing compared to what she’s doing. It always comes back to her and what she does on a daily basis,” Kempel said. “So it was really nice to have her riding alongside us, and every time someone would say ‘Good job dad,’ I’d be like ‘mom’s right there!'”

“His motto is ‘anything is possible,'” Amy told a reporter. “And so what I love is that our children, from a very young age, will know that.”

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