THESE Companies are Covering Travel Costs for Abortions

THESE Companies are Covering Travel Costs for Abortions

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Microsoft Corp. and several other companies are covering the travel costs for employees seeking out-of-state abortions. 

Microsoft said in a statement to Bloomberg on Monday that it supports “employees and their enrolled dependants in accessing critical health care – which already includes services like abortion and gender-affirming care – regardless of where they live across the U.S.”

Microsoft said it is extending its support to include “travel expense assistance for these and other medical services where access to care is limited in availability in an employee’s home geographic region.” 

As reported by Fox News, following the leaked SCOTUS Roe v. Wade opinion last week, a series of companies started issuing policies to help workers who could face restrictions. 

In a regulatory filing, Citigroup announced that it will provide “travel benefits to facilitate access to adequate resources” due to “changes in reproductive healthcare laws in certain states in the U.S.” 

Similarly, Amazon is reimbursing employees up to $4,000 each year to cover travel for medical treatments that employees are unable to receive within 100 miles of their home. 

Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are also considering extending abortion travel benefits, though no final decision has been made. 

Other companies that will pay for abortion travel costs include Apple, Levi Strauss & Co. Tesla and Yelp.

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