These Bodybuilders Built the ‘Deadliest’ Dumbbells in the World

These Bodybuilders Built the ‘Deadliest’ Dumbbells in the World

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Performing weighted exercises with the proper technique is essential during any workout, not only to ensure you’re getting the maximum muscle-building benefits, but also to guarantee that you can avoid strain or injury. And that’s just using regular equipment. What if your weights were also covered in metal spikes?

Two years ago, YouTubing bodybuilder duo the Buff Dudes—a.k.a. brothers Brandon and Hudson White—made a video in which they constructed their own dumbbells out of concrete during the pandemic, where access to at-home fitness equipment was scarce. In a follow-up video, the Dudes fulfill their desire to create a very different kind of dumbbell: the most dangerous in the world.

“It’s a terrible idea, I love it,” says blacksmith Matthew, who is on hand to help the Buff Dudes fulfil their dream of creating the spikiest, deadliest, most metal dumbbells of all time. Matthew’s philosophy: “A build is a failure if you can’t kill something with it.”

Matthew starts by welding together a metal frame which can be held from the inside, much like a regular box dumbbell. He then proceeds to add a total of 32 sharp metal spikes to the outside, transforming the weights into menacing-looking weapons capable of spearing open beer cans (as the brothers demonstrate with gleeful abandon). All in all, the entire project takes around six hours to complete.

“Never have I been so nervous and so excited to work out,” says Hudson.

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