The Ultimatum Is Going ‘All-Queer’ for Season 2

The Ultimatum Is Going ‘All-Queer’ for Season 2

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One of Netflix’s newest content strategies appears to be going all-in on the reality dating genre. In 2022 alone, they’ve announced new seasons of old favorites (more Love on the Spectrum and Too Hot to Handle) plus brand new shows coming later this year (Dating and Related, Jewish Matchmaking). Among the exciting new additions to Netflix’s repertoire is The Ultimatum.

The Ultimatum on Netflix is the newest dating reality television show everyone is talking about. Over the course of eight weeks, six couples get to take a long vacation… while deciding whether they should stay together or not. Within each couple, one person has issued the titular Ultimatum, to announce that they want to get married now, or break up forever. While each partner tries to decide what to do, they’ll live with someone new, who they could alternatively see a future with. At the end of the show, people could walk away single, or in a whole new relationship.

Most of the couples are in their early-to-mid 20s, and their relationship lengths range from one to three years. Made by the creators of Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum’s first season has an overall demographic similar to other popular dating shows: young, straight, conventionally attractive. Oh, and, of course, really really dramatic.

But as enticing as another show about young straight couples can be, it’s high time for something different. Dating shows don’t have a great track record of queer dating, but with Season 2 of The Ultimatum (yeah, it’s already been renewed), Netflix is hoping to change that.

Here’s everything we know about The Ultimatum Season 2.

Will The Ultimatum Return For Season 2?

Yes! Netflix announced back in March 2022 that not only would there be another season of The Ultimatum, but that Season 2 would feature an entirely queer cast.

Who Will be on The Ultimatum Season 2?

Well, according to um… a fake boy band made up of former Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle cast members, the new season will be made up of all queer women! And for anyone interested in watching this very strange but somehow real marketing ploy, we’ve got the video for you below.

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When Will The Ultimatum Season 2 Release?

Netflix hasn’t announced when The Ultimatum Season 2 will premiere but the final two episodes of Season 1 are set to release on April 13, and consist of the finale and the reunion special.

That’s all we know for now. While we wait for more news about The Ultimatum Season 2, check out our post on where the Season 1 couples are now and Season 1’s filming locations.

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