The Price of Ethereum. What Has Happened to it During the Existence of the Coin?

The Price of Ethereum. What Has Happened to it During the Existence of the Coin?

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2015 – 2016

We will start our story about Ethereum’s price history on August 7, 2015, as that was the day when the first records of its value appeared on the website. According to that site, ETH was added to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange and sold for $2.77. The coin was unstable in its early days, which generally makes sense. During this period, the crypto community was just learning about Ethereum.

Since January 2016, the Ethereum rate has been growing, in March the price of Ethereum reached $15. After the success of the DAO project, the price of Ethereum was $20.6. 

2017 – 2018

The year 2017 for Ethereum starts at $8. Then the value of the cryptocurrency gradually rises. And by the end of March, Ethereum sells for $53-59 and then consolidates into the $40-50 range within a month.

On May 18, Ethereum was added to the AVATRADE trading platform, which also contributes to significant growth in price (on June 12, 1 ETH=$400). All the following year, the price of Ethereum consolidates in the $275-350 corridor and ends the year trying to break the $750 level.

The beginning of 2018 is a successful time for Ethereum. On January 13, the cryptocurrency reached $1400. After that, which makes sense, the value of the coin falls: first slightly (February 5 – $900, February 18 – $1000), then harder (April 2018 – $380). In 2018, many ICOs decide to swap crypto or sell savings in ETH, which also negatively affects the price of the token.

2019 – 2020

In January 2019, Ethereum soars to #2 on CoinMarketCap, with the coin’s price at $160. At this point, almost all coins were in sync with Bitcoin, so their value became more dependent on the Bitcoin exchange rate. So when Bitcoin began to fall, Ethereum’s price also fell – to $100. Only in May, after another wave of Bitcoin growth, Ethereum’s price also soared to $280.

In 2020, the cryptocurrency showed steady growth (from $129 to $735), except for small jumps in value in the spring. This was helped by two major news stories – the launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the network’s migration from the PoW algorithm to PoS. On the back of this news.

2021 – 2022

In 2021, Ethereum is still #2 in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin and you can buy it on many trustable platforms, like and others.

That same year saw Ethereum’s historical high of $4356 in May 2021. And already in 2022, Ethereum shows relative stability again, with the cryptocurrency’s price ranging from around $2399 to $3808.

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