The internet has decided to collectively dunk on this red dress music video

The internet has decided to collectively dunk on this red dress music video

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I’m not sure if this is a brilliant marketing strategy or what, but this music video for Sarah Brand’s Red Dress is making the rounds on the internet and everybody has understandably started dunking on it. If you watch it you’ll immediately understand why, because it’s absolutely one of the worst things I’ve ever seen/heard/experienced in my life.

Also, this feels mean. I don’t know who Sarah Brand is but she definitely doesn’t deserve the internet wave that’s come crashing down on her. If anything, the fact she left the comments open on the video show she has more courage than the people who stormed Normandy and I admire her for that. And only that. Because, I mean, just watch it. Is it a meta joke? Is she being sincere? Are we the punchline? I have so many questions and I don’t think I’m mentally prepared for any of the answers.

Keep going for the video. You’ll need audio to fully appreciate it. Appreciate isn’t quite the right word. To fully…endure it.

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