The Hook Position Is Great for Deep Penetration. Here’s How to Do It.

The Hook Position Is Great for Deep Penetration. Here’s How to Do It.

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TRYING A new sex position is an easy way to change things up in the bedroom. You don’t have to master every sex position under the sun to have good sex, but having a few rotating options can really help keep things spicy. With that mind mind, let’s talk about the latest sex position we cannot get enough of right now: the Hook position.

The Hook position has probably been around for as long as humans have been having sex, but it arguably doesn’t get the attention it deserves due to its somewhat straightforward nature. You may know it as the “legs over the shoulders” position, but this name has very little spunk, if you ask us. The Hook position deserves a fun name to match how awesome of a position it is.

“This is a position for deep penetration,” says Lucy Rowett, a certified sex coach and clinical sexologist.

So, if you’re looking to go deeper and get more adventurous in bed, here’s what you need to know about the Hook sex position.

What is the Hook position?

Basically, the Hook is when you get into the classic missionary position, only instead of the receiving partner’s legs lying spread eagle on the bed, their legs go straight up over the penetrating partner’s shoulders—kind of like a fish hook, visually. You can have vaginal or anal sex in the Hook position.

You might be thinking, Isn’t this just missionary, though? Are you trying to sell me the ‘ol mish with different packaging?

And the answer is: kind of, but with a twist. This position is slightly more acrobatic without being too acrobatic, if you know what we mean. It’s basically a juiced-up take on the missionary position—missionary plus, if you will.

“Putting your legs over your partner’s shoulders creates the potential for deeper penetration than what straight-up missionary allows,” says Ryn Pfeuffer, sex and relationships writer and author of 101 Ways to Rock Online Dating.

Here’s what the Hook position looks like:

the hook sex position

The Hook sex position.


How do you get into the Hook position?

All right, now that you have a visual of what this position should look like, let’s break down how you actually pull it off.

You can get into this position in a couple of different ways. You could “transition from doing missionary, whereby the receiving partner on their back shuffles their legs onto their partner’s shoulders,” Rowett says. “Or, the penetrating partner can take control and lift their partner’s legs up and play with being dominant.”

Head’s up: You’ll probably find it easier to have the penetrating partner enter the receiver’s vagina or anus after their legs are already in position, versus trying to keep in the penis or dildo while you’re shuffling around.

What are the benefits of the Hook position?

The biggest benefit of this position is the ability to go deeper during penetration: like, really get in there and get it. Additionally, Pfeuffer says the narrowed position of the receiver’s legs narrows the vaginal or anal canal slightly, making “the penis or strap-on feel bigger.”

This is also a great position for all the Pillow Princesses/Princes/People out there who don’t enjoy having to do a ton of work.

That said, the receiver can take more control in this position if they want to. They can “hold the thighs or waist of the person penetrating them, so they can [go as] deep they desire,” Pfeuffer says. “If they want to go even deeper, they can raise their hips slightly or cross their ankles behind their partner’s neck (yes, this requires some flexibility).”

The benefits for the giver? They are in a relatively comfortable, upright position (for most people), while getting to thrust really deeply. Win-win, we say.

A note on anal penetration:

If you decide to have anal sex in the Hook position, “make sure you have some lube on-hand, as the anus doesn’t naturally lubricate,” Rowett says. (The same goes for all forms of anal play—not just the Hook!) “Before you penetrate, warm up the anus with your fingers or tongue.” Since this position involves super-deep penetration, it only really works if the receiver is aroused, relaxed, and ready.

Be sure to communicate through the whole experience. If anything feels painful or uncomfortable, stop what you’re doing, take a beat, and try again (if you want to).

Try these 3 variations to get the most out of the Hook:

Use a sex toy for more (or less) stimulation.

      There is definitely room for to add clitoral stimulation to the Hook position, which can help a vulva-owner have an orgasm. Using a wand with a longer stem (such as a Magic Wand or a Le Wand) can be great for this, as the reach can be quite a stretch without one. If you enjoy less intense stimulation, a small toy such as the Fin from Dame Products or the SKYN Thrill can get the receiver where they want to go, without being overly stimulated.

      Both Rowett and Pfeuffer suggest grabbing the OhNut, if you feel like the penetration might be a little too deep for you. These stackable silicone rings allow you to control the depth of penetration for more comfort.

      Use a pillow for some extra lift.

          Having a pillow for some extra lift can be especially helpful when attempting the Hook during anal sex, as sometimes bodies need slight adjusting. “[Place a] wedge or pillow under the receiving person’s hips/pelvis,” Pfeuffer says. “This allows the penetrating partner better access to the anus and makes life a whole lot [more comfortable] for the receiver.”

          Try the twisty-twist.

              If you want some extra clitoral action, sans toys, Rowett suggests the receiver cross their ankles behind their partner’s neck. This allows for more external clitoral stimulation through squeezing their legs more closely. They can grind against your partner (instead of having them move in and out) for added pleasure.

              A final word on the Hook position:

              If this position really isn’t working for you, there are so many others out there. We don’t need to do every single sex position in the world. That honestly sounds exhausting and not all that pleasurable. Always listen to your body, communicate with your partner, and be willing to move on and try something else, if need be.

              Gigi Engle is a writer, certified sexologist, sex coach, and sex educator.

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