‘The Adam Project’ Soundtrack: All the Songs Featured in the Netflix Movie

‘The Adam Project’ Soundtrack: All the Songs Featured in the Netflix Movie

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Ryan Reynolds’ new Netflix movie The Adam Project is a time-traveling adventure with an incredibly catchy soundtrack.

Reynolds stars as Adam, a pilot from the year 2050 who travels back to the year 2022 to meet his 12-year-old self, played by Walker Scobell. Jennifer Garner, Catherine Keener, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldaña all co-star in the movie, which was directed by Shawn Levy.

It’s led the Netflix Top 10 charts around the globe since its release and received generally positive viewer and critic reviews. If you’re one of the many people who’ve already watched The Adam Project, you may want to know which songs make up the soundtrack to the movie.

Spoilers ahead for plot points in The Adam Project.

“Gimme Some Lovin'” – The Spencer Davis Group

The Spencer Davis Group hit “Gimme Some Lovin'” plays as Ryan Reynolds flies onto the screen in the first few seconds of the movie. He’s flying his futuristic plane into space before bursting through a time portal taking him from 2050 to 2022.

The song is played again later on as the two Adams are flying around a canyon in their dogfight. “Gimme Some Lovin'” plays again as this time the pair travel from 2022 to 2018.

“Let My Love Open the Door” – Pete Townsend

Another song that’s played twice at pivotal parts of the movie is Pete Townsend’s “Let My Love Open the Door.” Tending to his wounds in his dad’s shed, older Adam admits it’s his favorite song, just like his father.

Later on, after older Adam and Laura (Saldaña) have met again, they walked down the corridor and Townsend’s song starts playing. “Let My Love Open the Door” then plays throughout the end credits.

Ryan Reynolds The Adam Project
A still of Ryan Reynolds in “The Adam Project,” now streaming on Netflix.
Doane Gregory/Netflix

“Time After Time” – Cyndi Lauper

Surely included as a subtle joke from the filmmakers, Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” is briefly included as older Adam goes about his time-traveling escapades in The Adam Project.

The instrumental tune of Lauper’s song can be heard playing in the pharmacy as Reynold’s Adam shops for medicine.

“Let It Be” – Matt Berninger

In one of the most emotional scenes of the movie, older Adam runs into his past mom (Garner) where the two share cryptic, but sweet sentiments as they talk about young Adam. In the background of the bar, “Let It Be” by Matt Berninger plays. If you’re unfamiliar with the track, it should be noted this is an original song and not a cover of The Beatles’ song.

Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Garner
Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam and Jennifer Garner as Ellie in “The Adam Project,” now streaming on Netflix.
Doane Gregory/Netflix

“Good Times Bad Times” – Led Zeppelin

Laura comes flying back into older Adam’s life by saving him from a perilous situation at his old house in 2022. Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times” plays overhead as the couple fights off waves of storm trooper-like henchmen, disposing of them one by one.

“Foreplay/Long Time” – Boston

Used in the trailer for the movie, the final fight scenes in the Sorian laboratory feature Boston’s catchy hit “Foreplay/Long Time.” The song is edited in places to provide a perfect soundtrack to the action, which seemingly moves in time with the music.

The Adam Project Soundtrack – Rob Simonsen

The rest of the movie is scored by American composer Rob Simonsen, whose other works include Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Life of Pi, Love, Simon, (500) Days of Summer and many more movies.

The Adam Project (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film) is available to listen to in full on Spotify and other streaming services now.

Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds
Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam in “The Adam Project,” now streaming on Netflix.
Doane Gregory/Netflix

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