‘The Adam Project’ Is The First Ryan Reynolds Netflix Blockbuster Critics Actually Like

‘The Adam Project’ Is The First Ryan Reynolds Netflix Blockbuster Critics Actually Like

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The Adam Project


Netflix has a new #1 movie this weekend, The Adam Project, a new science fiction film where a time traveling fighter pilot, played by Ryan Reynolds, lands in 2022 and has to team up with his younger self to save the world.

If a big new movie starring Ryan Reynolds on Netflix is starting to feel familiar, that’s because the service has invested in Reynolds in a big way. Only this time, something’s different. Out of three huge movies Reynolds has made for Netflix, this is the first one that has landed positive reviews from critics.

The biggest movie in Netflix history is Red Notice, where Reynolds was part of a trio of stars that also included Gal Gadot and The Rock. It beat out all past Netflix hits, including the likes of Bird Box, but critics didn’t like it, rating it a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, miles away from the movie’s 92% audience score.

Before that, back in 2019, Ryan Reynolds made 6 Underground for Netflix, a Michael Bay film that the service hoped would turn into a franchise. That too scored a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a much more muted 60% audience score. Instead, it was Red Notice that was much more successful and became a franchise instead, with another installment on the way.

The Adam Project

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The Adam Project is starting out very strong, debuting instantly at #1 on the service. It also has a much higher critic score, a 69%, and an 83% audience score. While a 69% is not sky high or anything, it’s pretty good for a mainstream, non-superhero blockbuster, which usually have trouble with critics, as evidenced by Reynold’s last two Netflix films. But The Adam Project is scoring well among both critics and fans, and it seems like this could end up being the birth of another series for Reynolds on the service, when he’s not busy with his upcoming duties returning to Deadpool for Marvel.

It was just announced that Reynolds was reteaming with Free Guy and The Adam Project director Shawn Levy for Deadpool 3, and Levy is determined to get him to link up with Wolverine somehow, though we’ll see if that actually happens.

Between the success of Red Notice and Free Guy, the impending success of The Adam Project and his future as Deadpool, life is looking pretty good for Ryan Reynolds, and we can forget about the likes of 6 Underground and Green Lantern at this point. See if you like The Adam Project for yourself this weekend, as it’s probably going to be what a fair amount of people are talking about for this coming week, from the looks of it.

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