The 22 Best Running Jackets for Women

The 22 Best Running Jackets for Women

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For the in-between seasons and chilly mornings, the best running jackets for women are not only stylish additions to your activewear collection, but can also prove to be valuable tools for warming up your body effectively for your outdoor run or workout.

What should you look for in a running jacket?

You’ll want to search for a high-quality jacket that’s not going to deteriorate after a few wash cycles. When deciding the weight of your jacket, consider the climate where you live (is it lightweight windbreaker weather, or insulated jacket weather?), plus whether you tend to run hot or cold. You should also check for features like zippered pockets to keep your things stowed away, reflective details for safety, and hems and hoods that can cinch to keep you dry during wet weather. Even with all these bells and whistles, the jacket itself should have a relatively low profile so as not to interfere with your miles.

Keep scrolling for 22 of the best running jackets for every season that will fit seamlessly with the rest of your running gear. You’ll find jackets for winter running, lightweight windbreakers, breathable base layers, and more. With these, you have one less excuse to skip your outdoor workout.

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