The 15 Best Meditation Apps That Will Teach You to Meditate

The 15 Best Meditation Apps That Will Teach You to Meditate

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Meditation may have been around for thousands of years, but it’s only recently become mainstream in America. Research is limited, but regular meditation may lower anxiety, reduce stress, and improve sleep, according to the National Institutes of Health. There are teachers, studios and plenty of meditation apps everywhere.

Major stars from Michael B. Jordan to Jared Leto espouse the benefits of meditation to keep them in shape mentally. Even just five minutes of morning meditation early on can help you start your day calmer and more focused. Research shows that it can boost your attention span, facilitate creative problem solving and even improve performance at work.

That all sounds great, but starting can be difficult—or even stressful for some. It’s common to worry about how long or when you should meditate.

If meditation is hard for you, try a meditation app to help you get started. Using an app, you can incorporate meditation into your daily routine almost seamlessly, using audio, visuals, and curated sounds to help you begin your practice.

But no meditation is one size fits all. It’s best to find a meditation app that suits your personal and mental needs to help you get the most of a daily meditation practice.

Are you looking for an app that’s primarily visual? Maybe you want an app that incorporates longer meditations so you can focus on your practice while you work or exercise. Perhaps a meditation app that also includes mindfulness-centered workouts?

Try one of these 15 meditation apps to get started with your practice.

The most recognizable meditation app, Headspace offers hundreds of guided lessons to help you sleep, focus, or feel more energized.

People who enjoy more physical activities will like move mode, which includes short workouts ranging from yoga to light cardio.

Cost: $5.83 to $12.99 per month, but there are plenty of free practices at

Find it: Apple Store and Google Play

This app is great for beginners and people who are short on time. Guided sessions start at just three minutes, but there are longer options, too. Even better, you can choose to focus on the areas you want to work on most, like gratitude, anxiety, or self-esteem.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

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