The 12 Best Razors for Men to Get a Perfect Shave

The 12 Best Razors for Men to Get a Perfect Shave

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Shaving is a minefield. The moment you take a sharp blade to your face, you run the risk of a seemingly endless list of possible problems: cuts, nicks, razor burn, ingrown hairs.

Getting an effective shave takes patience, experience, technique, and of course, the right equipment. And that starts with your razor. Using a good razor puts you light years ahead of the game. But knowing what is the right razor for you is hard, thanks to an avalanche of options out there.

And there are debates—oh, the debates. Some people say more blades give you a better shave; others say the more blades you use, the more you are prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. Some people say electric razors are the way to go; others swear by single-use disposables. There are traditionalists, who favor old-school techniques, and modernists who lean toward technology. Not to mention subscription shaving clubs who say we’ve been duped into paying higher prices for drugstore brands for years.

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Where you fall on the debate is a personal decision. Everyone’s skin is different and therefore, so are our shaving needs. No matter what razor you use, always make sure it’s sharp (switch it after a few uses), since a dull razor wreaks havoc on your face no matter what kind it is. Don’t shave too fast, even when you’re pressed for time, because that’s when you’ll end up gushing blood. And always shave after a shower, when facial hair is at its softest and easiest to cut.

The razor you choose comes down to your personal preference and what your skin needs. To help you find the best option for you, check out the 12 best razors for every man.

The Best Razors for Men

    Best All-Around Razor

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    Gillette’s Heated Razor turns warm barbershop shave into an at-home endeavor with chargeable, heatable cartridges that soften hair while it shaves.

    Best Budget Razor

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