The 10 Best Recovery Shoes for Runners in 2022

The 10 Best Recovery Shoes for Runners in 2022

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Running can be demanding—brutal even—on the mind and body. But, avid runners know the physical act of running is the easy part. It’s deciding on all the pre- and post-run gear that complicates things. There’s choosing the right protein powder, compression socks, headphones, smartwatch, running belt, foam rollers, CBD salves, massage guns—the list goes on. Of course, that’s in addition to finding the best running shoes (because “ordinary” workout shoes just won’t do).

A good pair of recovery shoes is a must-have too. Running is tough on your back and legs but your feet most of all, especially after long-distance treks or races where they’re crammed into a tight space for hours. The right recovery shoes allow your toe, heel, and foot bones to spread out comfortably during your post-run wind-down. Almost any pair of sandals or slip-on shoes that’s breathable with a wide footbox and a supportive sole will do. But, for serious recovery, you want a dedicated recovery shoe (or sandal or slip-on). We’ve done you the courtesy of rounding up the 10 best recovery shoes to buy in 2022.

Revive Active Recovery Shoe

The plastic water shoe aesthetic of Kane’s Revive Active Recovery Shoe has all the sex appeal of an OG pair of Crocs. But, you won’t care when you realize how comfortable and supportive these feel after a long run. Bonus: They’re sustainably made in Brazil from sugarcane-based EVA foam.

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All Gender Ora Recovery Slide

Nothing beats a wide-open slip-on sandal for recovery. Hoka embraces the simple, tried-and-true design with its Ora Recovery Slide. At the end of a hard race day, these slide over your feet with zero effort to keep them cradled and supported with an oversized midsole design.

OOriginal Sandal

OOfos’ OOriginal sandal is a cult favorite among hardcore runners. The featherweight recovery sandal pampers your feet with a streamlined, one-piece design that slides on with minimal effort. Plus, the next-gen foam footbed eases stress on your back, joints, and feet.

Men’s Rekovr 2

Topo Athletic elevates the ordinary recovery shoe with its Rekovr 2. These premium kicks offer a cushier footbed that massages and stimulates the soles. The wool/polyester upper means they’re designed to be worn without socks so your feet can stretch out and breathe after a hard race.

Men’s KO-Z SNPR Low Slip-on

Part slipper, part sneaker, all recovery. The Ko-Z Snpr Low Slip-on from Deckers X Lab is the plushest, most comfortable recovery slip-on on this list. That’s thanks to a memory foam insole and EVA foam midsole that, together, cradle your feet with the perfect anatomic design.

PR Soles Original Sandals

The PR Soles Original Sandals from Gone for a Run are like foam rollers for your feet. The raised and ribbed soles activate nerve endings to provide the perfect post-run massage. Plus, they’re among the cheapest option on this list.

‘Ohana Flip-Flops

OluKai’s ‘Ohana Flip-Flips aren’t technically billed as recovery shoes. But, the anatomical design and soft nylon toe post are so damn comfortable, you won’t care. They’re built to take a beating too, should you decide to wear them well past your post-workout recovery.

Chillos Slide Sandal

This no-frills option from Chaco is the most open and flexible of any on this list. The polyester webbing expands to accommodate even the widest feet, while an EVA midsole keeps your heels and toes well supported.

Unisex OOCloog Recovery Clog

OOfos proves that clogs aren’t just for nurses and line cooks. The ultra-streamlined design glides on easy around your feet, while a next-gen foam footbed cups and supports your heels, soles, and toes for maximum recovery.

Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

Bring a little New England hippie vibe to your post-run recovery. Birkenstock’s old-school Arizona Soft Footbed Sandals perfectly cradle your feet on a wide bed of cork and suede to help them spread out and relax naturally.

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