Sixties Fashion Icon Pattie Boyd Releases An NFT Collection

Sixties Fashion Icon Pattie Boyd Releases An NFT Collection

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Pattie Boyd is releasing her first NFT collection on April 19th. It’ll be a photo collection available on Rarible and RR Auction. Further, it will depict George Harrison, The Beatles, and Eric Clapton.

Pattie Boyd is a British muse photographer who has been a cultural icon for years. Evidently, she is looking to give her loyal audience an opportunity to relive the 60s and 70s.

Beatles rare interviews now available for minting
Iconic photos of The Beatles will be featured in Pattie Boyd’s NFT collection

Pattie said, “I’m happy to start this adventure into NFTs.” Different versions of iconic photos from her archive will be featured.

Photography Pattie Boyd NFTs

The collection will feature 6 personal photos and 48 Digital assets. The unique 1/1 photos will be auctioned at the RR auction in April. The drop won’t be limited to crypto, as potential buyers will be able to bid in fiat. Especially appealing to her non-Web3 native fans.

Part two, the other aspect of this drop will be sold on Rarible. These collections will be auctioned off over a 14 day period. Bids for the ‘Collections’ drop will be available in Ethereum.

Finally, the last aspect of the drop is the ‘Editions’ which will be sold at a fixed price on April 19th. consequently, for anyone looking for the lowest entry point, this collection is it.

Zebu Digital is the studio bringing this NFT collection to life. Their platform moto is to make Web3 brands matter. Surely they will play a critical role, as it is Pattie’s first venture into the Web3 space. As well as the fact that Photography NFTs have yet to go fully mainstream in the NFT space.

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