Secure your Mac like a rockstar — 5 easy life hacks to stay safe online

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Yes, hackers and cybersecurity professionals are still engaged in a constant game of cat and mouse to exploit and fix loopholes, but the world around this has altered substantially.

These days 80% of Mac users say they’re informed about cyber threats, a far cry from the old days.

Yet, while new tools and best practice guides have made it easier than ever to stay safe online, Mac users are still confused and acting in risky ways. For example, over a quarter (28%) of them believe Apple computers are malware free, and this sort of myth and superstition is rife across the internet.

But we want to help — and with CyberSecurity Awareness Month in full swing, we thought we’d share a selection of tips and life hacks to make it simple (and entertaining) to stay as safe as possible online.

Tip 1: Always pack a password manager


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