Savor Vegan Kenya Journey

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Donna Zeigfinger, the heart and soul behind Green Earth Travel – a dreamer, a travel professional with a vision, and an advocate for sustainable living – along with travel enthusiasts ready to embark on a compassionate African journey.

A realization of Donna’s childhood dream, the 2024 Vegan Kenyan Safari, takes travelers on a compassionate and eco-friendly expedition across Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes. This special trip is not only a travel experience but an homage to the natural world and the kindred spirits that seek to protect it.

The Safari covers Kenya’s iconic destinations, including the sweeping plains of the Maasai Mara, the elephant havens in Amboseli National Park, and potential sightings of the dramatic Great Migration. All locations are chosen for their natural beauty and ability to offer a seamless vegan experience.

August 13 – 21, 2024, this enchanting adventure will open its arms to those who carry a sense of wanderlust and a conscience for the well-being of our planet.

By engaging with locals, dining on exquisite vegan fares with our own vegan chef, and ensuring each aspect of the trip honors both the environment and wildlife, Donna and Green Earth Travel create a Kenya adventure that’s as responsible as it is enriching.

“To step on Kenyan soil is to connect with a world teeming with life and history,” says Donna. “But to do so with a vegan philosophy takes the journey a step further—it turns travel into a force for good, both for our inner spirits and the world around us.”

To be part of this vision of travel, connect with Donna and her team at Contact Information for an opportunity to not just see Africa, but to feel it, in the most respectful and enriching way possible.

“Join us. Dream big, tread lightly, and leave a trail of kindness,” invites Donna. Embrace your inner child’s wildest dreams and the adult’s power to make a difference — Experience the magic of Kenya with Green Earth Travel.

– Embrace the Adventure, Explore With Compassion, Travel With a Purpose.

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