PSA: Mirror Is Taking $200 Off Its Home Gym System for Mother’s Day

PSA: Mirror Is Taking $200 Off Its Home Gym System for Mother’s Day

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Finding the space in your home to build a full gym (or, at the very least, a designated space for all your workouts) is easier said than done—especially when you’re short on precious real estate. And, if you’ve exhausted yourself from a never-ending loop of the same at-home workout videos, you might be looking to shake things up.

That where’s the Mirror Gym comes in and hits the sweet spot. At first glance, this home gym looks like your ordinary reflective surface. But, trust us, it has a lot more to offer than a convenient place to check out your form. Once you install this sleek gadget, you’ll be able to stream live classes or download a bunch of pre-recorded sessions. And with over 50 categories to choose from, it’s virtually boredom-proof.

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As if its offerings aren’t impressive enough, the Mirror Gym is decked out with advanced camera technology so you can get instant feedback and motivation throughout your workout. (Translation: This shiny piece of equipment doubles as an on-demand personal trainer.)

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The Mirror Gym might be a game-changer for your home gym (or living room), but at $1,495, it’s by no means cheap. However, for a limited time, Mirror is currently taking $200 off its stand-alone product for Mother’s Day. Oh, you’ll also score free shipping and installation with the deal. That’s a whopping total of $450 off right there for you.

In case you want a little more with your shiny new piece of equipment, the brand is also shaving $200 off each of its Mirror packages, which include some sweet accessories to enhance your experience. This sale will last through May 9, giving you ample time to get one as a Mother’s Day gift for your wife, a fitness gift for your mom, or anyone else you might be shopping for. Of course, you can always get one for yourself, too (there’s no reason to pass on a good deal!).

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At $1,295, the Mirror Gym is still an investment. But, when you think about how much you’d spend on an IRL personal trainer or all those exercise streaming services (or both, for that matter), it’s well worth it.

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