Orlando Bloom Looks Ripped While Showing Off His Chest Tattoos

Orlando Bloom Looks Ripped While Showing Off His Chest Tattoos

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It may have been two full decades since he first rose to fame, but Orlando Bloom, now 45, is still capable of playing the heartthrob. The actor, best known for his work in the enormously popular franchises Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings, just dropped a load of behind-the-scenes images from a new project on Instagram, including some thirst-trap-adjacent content.

In the first picture on the carousel, Bloom sits shirtless in his dressing room with his lean, muscular physique on display, including a defined chest, visible six-pack abs and vascular forearms. And fans are just as thirsty for him now as they were 20 years ago: all you have to do is look at the comments. “You’re the cutest in the whole world, Orlando,” wrote TV host Chelsea Handler. (Meanwhile, Bloom’s wife, pop star Katy Perry, was more focused on a short video he posted while birdwatching: “babe the mystical owl is taking a dump.”)

The lack of a shirt in that first image also means Bloom’s followers got a good look at the tattoos he is sporting for a role, which include a pair of eagles over his chest, beneath script bearing the words “Family” and “Loyalty.” In another shot, Bloom shows that he has been given another tattoo on his neck: the words “God,” “Family,” and “Survival.”

While he doesn’t clarify which set he is on or what exactly he is currently filming in the caption for the post, the nature of this ink makes it likely that the photos were posted from the set of is Bloom’s new movie Red Right Hand. In the upcoming action thriller, Bloom plays Cash, a former gangster who is trying to leave his past behind him, until his new life in the Appalachian hills comes under threat from crime boss Big Cat, played by Andie MacDowell.

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