Nail Files: Tokyo Manicurist Nagisa Kaneko Wants You to Keep Your Nails Short (And Wear Sunscreen)

Nail Files: Tokyo Manicurist Nagisa Kaneko Wants You to Keep Your Nails Short (And Wear Sunscreen)

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Favorite local salon, or nail artist that you look to for inspiration?

Recently, I’ve been very inspired by Betina Goldstein. She’s a nail artist based in Los Angeles, and her color combinations are just so exquisite! In Tokyo, I always look at Miho Miyakawa and Yuri Osuka’s work, which is phenomenal.

Go-to shape?

I like to keep nails short, because when they’re too long, they can start to look commercial and basic, which I want to avoid. I often opt for a round shape, and sometimes I go for square tips, too.

Gel or regular?

With gel, there’s so much you can do. But with a simple polish mani, it’s exciting to see the burst of color when you first apply it and the excitement of it all. I guess I prefer polish manicures!

Defining color?

I’m really enjoying Hermes’s new nail colors that launched last year—the orange and yellow shades, specifically. They’re so vibrant. And the assortment of reds are really pretty, too.

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Hermès Les Mains Nail Enamel

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Hermès Les Mains Nail Enamel

Clean and simple, or next-level art?

I personally like the clean architectural vibe—designs that remind you of sculptures. But I grew up during Y2K, so I don’t hate acrylics. I’m just not drawn to the extremely long and avant-garde style right now. If you are going to go with a longer length, maybe try nail piercings or primitive art designs that make the nail a little more architectural and contemporary.

Favorite products for prepping your nails and hands?

I love Uka’s Nail and Hand Mist. The scent is really refreshing and changes my mindset. It’s definitely my go-to, especially during work where I need to focus. This time of year, when it’s shifting to the warmer months, I also love an SPF hand cream. A lot of clients forget SPF on their hands, so something like this is a really easy and quick solution.

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Image may contain: Bottle, Cosmetics, and Sunscreen

Supergoop! Handscreen Sunscreen SPF 40

Matching mani-pedis: a must, or rule meant to be broken?

I think going for a strong, bold color on your toes and balancing it out with a softer tone on your hands is the way to go—so, like, a contrasting red and yellow pedicure moment with a matte finish on the toes, and yellow but with a clear juicer finish on nails.

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