Meet The NFT That Will Literally Take You To Space: Launch Pass

Meet The NFT That Will Literally Take You To Space: Launch Pass

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An upcoming NFT collection called Launch Pass can literally take its holders to outer space! The company Uplift Aerospace will drop the digital assets on May 10th. Minters will get a chance to travel via New Shepard – Blue Origin’s iconic rocket.

image of several SPACE+ community members on a Zero gravity experience
The Launch Pass NFT collection gives holders the chance to travel to space with New Shepard! Credits: SPACE+

How do the Launch Pass NFTs work?

In short, Launch Pass is a collection of 10,921 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. As a holder, you can submit an application to travel to space via Blue Origin. A team of Uplift Aerospace specialists will analyze each application.

The group will announce the lucky winner on May 22nd at 11:59 pm EDT. Meanwhile, you can mint an NFT starting May 10th with 0.17 ETH per piece. The Space+ team will announce the exact minting time 48 hours ahead of the drop.

image of a Launch Pass NFT astronaut
The Launch Pass NFTs offer many space-themed perks, including Zero gravity experiences. Credits: SpacePlus

Didn’t make it to space? No worries! You can turn your Launch Pass NFT into a special NFT avatar called Starborn. Holders will be able to use this avatar in the upcoming SPACE+ metaverse. The option will be available starting May 22nd.

In addition, each NFT holder will gain access to an exclusive web3 platform. This network offers exclusive web3 space projects, as well as educational materials from NASA and experienced astronauts.

In the future, community members will also be able to attend real-life experiences. For example, the team mentions Zero gravity flights and space simulations.

image of a Launch Pass NFT poster
The Launch Pass NFTs will open the door to a brand new space-themed metaverse. Credits: SpacePlus

What should you know about the Starborn NFTs?

Each Launch Pass NFT holder will be able to convert their collectible into a Starborn NFT. These digital avatars will come in 5 unique classes.

In terms of design, the 3D characters are basically astronauts with different accessories and costumes. The digital artists used over 120 unique traits for high-quality artworks.

All in all, this ambitious project takes the use of NFTs to a new level. Uplift Aerospace, the company behind the project, aims to create a bridge between blockchain and space technologies.

“We are committed to strengthening humanity’s connection to space as well as to our home planet through space-based products, conservational efforts, and community,” the team says.

image of an astronaut alongside a Blue Origin space capsule
Uplift Aerospace has already joined forces with NASA, Blue Origin, and more, for its Launch Pass NFT collectibles. Credits: Blue Origin

What is Uplift Aerospace?

Basically, Uplift Aerospace is a Utah-based company that offers real-life experiences related to outer space. This innovative group delivers space flights to promote an interplanetary future for humans.

With its SPACE+ project, the company works with the most powerful companies in the space industry. To illustrate, its main partners are NASA, Sierra Space, Orbital Reef, and Blue Origin.

In fact, the lucky Launch Pass NFT holder will win a trip to outer space on Blue Origin’s rocket called New Shepard. This one-of-a-kind experience proves once again that digital assets can make a long-term difference in real life too.

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