Meet Mr. CarSounds, the TikTok Star Who Mimics the Sounds of Our Favorite Engines

Meet Mr. CarSounds, the TikTok Star Who Mimics the Sounds of Our Favorite Engines

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“I’m trying my best here,” Greg Gevojanyan says into the microphone on his white headphones. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning and he’s still in bed, a BMW M badge on his headboard.

“I have my voice.” He pauses, closes his lips. “Vvv. And I have my tongue: rrrrrrrr. Combine both at a perfect major-third interval, and you get two tones,” he says. “So: baa, daa,” he sings. “You see how there [are] two pitches?”


Why not throw together a compilation! My real OGs will remember these!

♬ original sound – Greggo your Eggo

Then it’s a V-10 engine. He mimics the sound of its crankshaft spinning at around 3000 rpm—like it’s getting ready for a launch-control start.

Gevojanyan’s TikTok account, @mr.carsounds, is approaching two and a half million followers. When the Burbank native isn’t imitating our favorite car sounds into his headphones he’s studying mechanical engineering at the University of Southern California. His next step? Becoming a full-time YouTube personality.

2018 lamborghini huracan performante

“If I hold that same interval and go up an octave, you get a [Lamborghini] Huracán,” he says. “If I don’t add my lips, it’s the E60 BMW M5.” He imitates the V-10–powered sedan using his finger to imitate the tachometer—fans of Gevojanyan will notice he does this frequently in his TikTok videos. After we tested the 493-hp Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, Gevojanyan re-created the sound of the launch-control start that sent the mid-engine Porsche to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.

Gevojanyan often records his videos in either a parking garage late at night or a bathroom. Though these may seem like strange places for a 20-year-old to spend time, each offers the acoustics needed to make the most of Gevojanyan’s talent.

“The best video I have on the internet is me sitting on the ground in a parking garage making car sounds,” he says. Gevojanyan even submitted a video audition for America’s Got Talent in his walk-in shower, placing his phone in the shampoo holder.

2020 subaru wrx serieswhite

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In the video audition, he imitates a Lamborghini Huracán, Subaru WRX (to showcase his turbo sounds), Porsche Carrera GT, Mazda RX-7, and Toyota Supra. “You gotta put on a show,” he says. So, for the Huracán, he imitates using large shift paddles. Or, when he’s imitating the sounds of a right-hand-drive Japan-market vehicle such as an RX-7 or Supra, he makes sure to shift with his left hand.

Different engines require different techniques, whether it’s a turbocharged six-cylinder or a high-revving naturally aspirated V-10. “Viper is filled cheeks, very deep,” he says. In some of his videos, he even teaches his viewers how to make the sounds he does. One shows how to imitate a turbocharger’s whir, including the distinct shu tu tu sound its wastegate makes.

lexus lfa nurburgring package


“[Lexus] LFA V-10, Carrera GT, even firing, super high-revving,” he says. He takes his headphones off for this one and holds the mic right up to his mouth. “Same thing but an octave up.”

If he’s out with his friends and gets inspired to make a video, he tells his friends he has to go to the bathroom. “They’ll be like, ‘Whatever, he’s working,’ ” he says, laughing.

After reviewing his video audition, America’s Got Talent reached out to Gevojanyan for an in-person performance. While he waits for his chance to bring his talents to the television screen, Gevojanyan continues to upload new content to his TikTok account, where his videos continue to rack up hundreds of thousands of views and pop up in the feeds of TikTok users across the world.

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