Meet Another-1: Where Physical Meets Digital Fashion Products

Meet Another-1: Where Physical Meets Digital Fashion Products

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Meet Another-1

Today we introduce you to Another-1, an open marketplace that bypasses the restrictions of real-life collections. Here you can buy, stake, create, share, and trade fashion products. They also offer ISOs or initial shoe offerings. 

Another-1 is morphing the digital and physical worlds. It starts out with an NFT collection of sneakers, but more is in the pipeline. So in this article, you will discover more about Another-1 and their first NFT project. 

Meet Another-1, Opening up the World of Scarce Digital Fashion

Another-1 built their platform on Cosmos. The fashion NFTs they offer are unique which backs their digital products up with physical assets. Currently, they start out with the NTR-1 Meta Sneaker collection. However, other luxury goods are coming to you at a later stage. For example, high-end clothing, accessories, or even artwork.


Source: Another-1

As a result, their Digital Asset Marketplace (DAM) comes into play for this. It allows you to design and promote products. Subsequently, take part in an ISO, produce the products and distribute them. On top of that, owners of NFTs can order custom-made physical products of digital objects.

The ISOs work as follows:

  • Create and upload your design. This launches the initial offering.
  • Curators can vouch during the campaign. Consequently, they have priority access to the first release.
  • Once enough validators back the product, production can start.
  • If you buy an exclusive NFT, there’s an option to get a limited physical version.
  • Once you receive a physical asset, the NFT will be burned.

However, there are plenty of other features they offer as well fractional ownership of rare sneakers, as an NFT. This allows you to be the owner of a digital sneaker, that you most likely can’t afford in real life. 

Moreover, in its origin, the team made Another-1 for sneakerheads and hypebeasts. So now they can afford scarce physical products as an NFT. 

Another-1 has a strong team, led by their CEO Marco Stagliano. One name that stands out among their advisors is Sebastien Borget. He’s co-founder and COO of The Sandbox. Furthermore, they boast some strong partners. For example, MEXC global, Dutch Crypto Investors, Vendetta Capital, and Supra Oracles.

NTR-1 Meta Sneakers, the First NFT Collection

The NTR-1 Meta Sneakers are a collection of 5,555 NFTs. Lucio Vanotti, created them in the heart of Italian fashion, Milan. Most importantly, they are ‘phygital’ sneakers. Morphed from physical and digital worlds. 

Another-1 NTR1

Source: NRT-1 Meta

The collection is exclusive and handmade from leather. You can wear them in the metaverse of Decentraland or in the real world. Furthermore, you can trade them on Swappable. Another-1 joined forces with Swappable for this project.

However, you can only get real-world sneakers when you burn your NFT. This allows for keeping track of ownership and stock. You can choose between 34 designs and colors. Just be aware that each NFT has one pair.

This project also includes some heavy-hitting partners. For instance, Polygon, DogeCoin, Decentraland, and NFTChampions. Currently, it is still possible to mint the NTR-1 Meta sneakers. See the picture below from Swappable.

Another-1 Swappable NTR1

Source: Swappable


Another-1 brings digital ownership and the sneaker industry a step closer together. On one side, they help you to shop for scarce and valuable sneakers. On the other hand, they create their own collections. For example, the NRT-1 Meta sneaker collection. But, there is more to come. Other luxury fashion goods and accessories will be coming down the pipeline.

Furthermore, the future for Another-1 looks good, with some exciting roadmap projects in the making. For instance, the release of their AN1 token and a graffiti project. This will include 15 worldwide artists. Thereafter, they schedule an IDO on Osmosis and the Sneakerheadz MVP will be released on the Sandbox. Last but not least, the DAM (marketplace) will be launched, and they will release the mainnet.

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