Logitech Lift Vertical Is An Ergonomic Mouse For The Rest Of Us

Logitech Lift Vertical Is An Ergonomic Mouse For The Rest Of Us

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Logitech Lift Vertical on desk


Logitech is no stranger to vertical mice. Many fans of the company’s accessories likely remember the MX Vertical mouse from a few years ago, which claimed to provide a more ergonomic position for wrists and hands as users made their way through the workday. If nothing else, the MX Vertical was interesting enough to garner some attention, but almost four years and nearly one whole pandemic later, Logitech is looking to update its vertical mouse playbook.

Today Logitech introduced the Lift Vertical mouse, which is joining the company’s Ergo series and — at least at first blush — doesn’t look all that different from the MX Vertical mouse it succeeds. There are, however, some key differences between the two. For starters, while the MX Vertical mouse only comes in one color, the Lift Vertical comes in a number of color options. Just as well, the MX Vertical may have sent lefties off to other brands in search of a mouse for their hands, but the Lift Vertical embraces them.

Ergonomic design is still key

Three Logitech Lift Vertical mice


While the fact that the Lift Vertical lineup includes a left-handed mouse is news enough by itself, the name of the game here is still ergonomics. In its announcement today, Logitech says that the Lift Vertical mouse puts the user’s hand at a 57-degree angle, which is apparently enough to reduce strain on wrists. Logitech says that the Lift Vertical was intended for people with small-to-medium hands, so those with larger hands may want to look to the MX Vertical instead (assuming that the two mice continue to exist alongside each other).

Beyond those changes, you’ll find many of the same features in the Lift Vertical are present in a lot of other Logitech accessories. The mouse connects to devices via Bluetooth Low Energy or with the accompanying Logi Bolt USB receiver and it also supports Logitech Flow so you can use it with up to three different devices at once, even when moving files between those devices. Its buttons are programmable through the Logi Options software, and according to Logitech, the AA battery required to power this thing will last for as long as 24 months before it needs to be replaced.

The Lift Vertical mouse is launching this month in graphite, off-white, and rose colors. Perhaps the biggest departure from the MX Vertical mouse is that of price — while the MX Vertical will set you back $99.99, the Lift Vertical costs $59.99. The left-handed model is only available in graphite in North America and Europe, while right-handed models are available in all colors.

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