Kim Kardashian Departs Paris After Short Yellow Fashion Stint

Kim Kardashian Departs Paris After Short Yellow Fashion Stint

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Kim K
Quick Trip in Paris …
What Are Ya, Yellow?!?

3/6/2022 10:29 AM PT

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Kim Kardashian made a splash in Paris, and then made for a clean getaway — because she was only in town for about 24 hours before hightailing it outta there.

Check out these photos of her at a PFW event Sunday, where she was draped in a yellow Balenciaga getup that looked like she was wrapped in police caution tape. The show was actually for Balenciaga, so Kim didn’t disappoint.

No sign of Pete here … looks like it was just KK flying solo for this trip — and it also seems she wasn’t eager to stick around.

Not long after attending the show, Kim was already booking it back to her jet … where it seems she wanted to get back to whatever may be waiting for her across the world — kids, PD??? Maybe both — in any case, Kim wasn’t in any mood to stay dolled up longer than she needed to.

This appears to be one of the first relatively drama-free weekends she’s had to herself in a while — and that probably has to do with the fact that her divorce is just about wrapped.

Kim was declared a single woman this past week, which is the symbolic nail in the coffin on her relationship with Kanye West … who’s been quiet all through Sunday.

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