Katy Perry’s Spring Shoe Collection Is Her Best Yet

Katy Perry’s Spring Shoe Collection Is Her Best Yet

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Katy Perry has been a top artist of mine for quite some time—let’s say since 2008. Not only does she have killer vocals, but she is also a bona fide fashion icon. In 2017, Perry launched Katy Perry Collections for people who, like her, wanted bold and stylish shoes at affordable prices. Now, while Perry may be known for her eccentric wardrobe (think about the iconic hamburger dress she wore to the MET Gala in 2019, for instance), Katy Perry Collections offers both casual and creative styles for any occasion.

On March 29, the brand released its spring collection with new arrivals featuring different variations of the brand’s cult-favorite Meadow Classic Platforms, Golden Pumps, Scalloped Shells, sneakers, and more. I had never tried shoes from Katy Perry Collections before, but I was able to get my hands on a pair and I wanted to share my thoughts.

As someone who is on their feet a lot whether that’s at a media or press event, I’m a huge fan of low heels and sneakers—comfort is key. A pair of stylish heels are my go-to followed by a comfortable pair of sneakers. With that said, it’s hard to find shoes in my size since I’m a women’s size 11. I know, I have big feet.

However, most styles in Katy Perry Collections including the spring line range from sizes 5-11 with half sizes available. I love that the size range is pretty inclusive because it gives more people like myself a chance to shop these wonderful and stylish shoes. Oh, and my favorite color is pink, so the pair I tried was pink. However, there are a variety of color options available black, blue, red, green, etc. in addition to a plethora of fun patterns.

The Golden Pump

I’m typically not one who wears super high heels because I usually can’t walk in them and they make my feet hurt. However, The Golden Pumps caught my eye because they had a low heel (one I could most definitely manage.)

My foot easily slid into the shoes and I was all set. To this day, I’m still obsessed with the pink and white gingham pattern. It gave the shoes a vintage and retro look which I loved. Now, the website doesn’t specifically say they cater to wide widths, but as someone with a wide foot, I had no problem getting my foot into the shoe. It was a bit snug, but not to the point where my feet felt constricted. If anything, they felt secure and like I wouldn’t lose a shoe if I walked fast.

I liked how I felt close to the ground, but still had that boost from the heel – you know what I’m talking about. A heel has the ability to give you this walk that radiates confidence and power and The Golden Pumps were no exception. Plus, the cushioned insole was delightful. It provided enough support and comfort for my feet to hold up my body weight which isn’t always an easy feat.

Overall, the Katy Perry Collections’ Spring collection is a great choice for those not afraid of color and is the most authentic version of themselves. As someone who loves to express themselves through fashion, I loved the colors, patterns, and styles available. Also, the shoes seem to be extremely comfortable. That’s not to say my feet wouldn’t get sore in any pair of heels after a while, but they were comfortable enough that I could wear them for a few hours with no problem – major brownie points there.

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