Jason Momoa Shared an Update on His Bicep Injury While Working Out for Fast X

Jason Momoa Shared an Update on His Bicep Injury While Working Out for Fast X

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Jason Momoa has had an eventful couple of weeks while filming Fast & Furious 10 in Italy, and he reflected on his experiences in a new video which he shared to his Instagram on the last day of shooting on location.

“It’s our last day, I’m getting chased by the cops, it’s going to be fun. Legally!” He said in the video, thanking “Vin and the whole crew” for including him in the movie. He also provided a brief update on the state of his recovery after undergoing surgery for a bicep injury he sustained while filming the third season of the Apple TV+ series See.

“I pulled my long head bicep on See 3,” he says in the video. “It sucks, it’s taken a long time to get back.

The Aquaman star has been on the receiving end of a lot of attention during his stay in Rome, and recently even recruited some of the local chapter of the Hell’s Angels to accompany him while out sightseeing in order to deter tabloid photographers from following him, which he alluded to in the video.

“Another message for the paparazzi,” he said. “I understand the game, I’m not a big fan of fame, but regardless, it comes with the territory. I was very nice, I said alright, you can take your pictures and then please leave me alone, and they didn’t do that, and they wouldn’t leave me alone, and so I don’t like being hunted, I don’t like being hunted, so this is what you get…” He ended the video by punching the camera.

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Momoa also took the opportunity to address the backlash he has faced for having his picture taken in the Sistine Chapel while in Rome—something which visitors are usually prohibited from doing—after being approached by fans and asked for photos. “If you ever thought I disrespected your culture, that wasn’t my intention,” he said.

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