Indicted MAGA Clerk’s Trip to Las Vegas Ends With an Arrest Warrant

Indicted MAGA Clerk’s Trip to Las Vegas Ends With an Arrest Warrant

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Tina Peters, the MAGA-obsessed, conspiratorial Colorado county clerk who has been indicted on 10 criminal charges, just had to go to Vegas.

The trip, however, has cost her. The Colorado Sun reported Thursday that a judge issued a warrant for Peters’ arrest after she traveled outside of her home state without notifying the court, thereby violating the terms of her bond.

Peters’ legal woes stem from her alleged attempts to break into voting machines in Mesa County, Colorado, after the 2020 election. In an elaborate if poorly-woven plot to demonstrate election fraud, the conspiracy-peddling clerk is accused of turning off security cameras, granting an unauthorized person access to voting machines, and then leaking voting data to fellow conspiracy theorists—in other words, committing fraud to demonstrate non-existent fraud.

A court indicted Peters on 10 criminal counts, seven of which are felonies, in March, though she maintains her innocence. In fact, she even ran to become Colorado’s Republican candidate for secretary of state last month, but lost to Pam Anderson, who had backed the legitimacy of the 2020 election result. True to form, Peters claimed that her loss was illegitimate.

While running for secretary of state, the court allowed Peters to travel outside of Colorado without permission, as her lawyer argued that doing so was necessary for her campaign. During that brief period of boundary-less bliss, she visited Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

On Monday, however, the Mesa County District Attorney filed a motion to require she get permission for out-of-state travel, like most defendants on bond, given that her campaign was now over.

Mesa County District Court Judge Matthew David Barrett agreed, prohibiting Peters from traveling without prior permission.

Yet the lure of Vegas was apparently too strong. The following day, Peters spoke at a convention in Sin City for the right-wing Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association without court approval.

Now, with a judge issuing a warrant for her arrest, insisting that she be jailed until her next hearing, and revoking her $25,000 cash bond, Peters is likely to be more confined than ever before.

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