I Tested the Coveted Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

I Tested the Coveted Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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I may be one of the only Angelenos left that still enjoys cow milk from time to time, but while I love good old fashion whole milk, let’s just say it doesn’t really like me back. I don’t consider myself lactose intolerant by any means, but I certainly feel much better when I stick to plant-based alternatives, like almond, cashew, and oat milk. The other month I was browsing through Instagram stories when I stumbled upon my friend’s #NotAnAd love note raving about a neat-looking contraption called the Almond Cow. She explained that she invested in the Almond Cow nut milk maker after discovering how many questionable additives and fillers go into plant-based milk—a very valid concern, in my opinion.

Naturally, I was instantly intrigued by this cute little nut milk maker (you can even buy the brand’s old-fashioned glass milk carton that is just too darling and an absolute must-have accessory!) so I decided to get my hands on one and give it a spin for myself. In essence, the Almond Cow is a specialized blender designed specifically for nuts (if you’ve ever tried to make nut milk at home with your blender, you probably already know that many models are not designed to blend nuts—a lesson I learned the hard way, I’m afraid.)

Making nut milk fresh at home is usually quite a laborious process. You have to soak your nuts overnight, blend, strain, and re-bottle, but with Almond Cow, you can make your own dairy-free milk with the push of the button (you still do still have to soak the nuts for at least four hours when using the Almond Cow, but that’s better than eight to twelve hours.)

Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker

Aside from soaking your nuts of choice for four or more hours, the Almond Cow delivers fresh, additive-free nut milk in literally five minutes (and without a huge mess!).

The first time I used my Almond Cow I decided to try to make almond milk, my usual nut of choice. The milk turned out way better than I expected—it was creamy, frothy, and I was able to control and adjust the level of pulp I wanted (which is very little). The process is super simple: add your liquid ingredients (water, vanilla extract, etc.) to the top of the Almond Cow, add your nuts and/or dry ingredients (you can also use seeds) to the filter basket, and secure the filter basket to the top, and press the top button to blend. Voila! Five minutes later, you’ll have about five cups of fresh milk to enjoy. Also, I was pleasantly surprised (as was my clutter-phobic fiance) by how easy it was to use and how little of a mess it made, which is a major plus.

Of course, you can make more than just nut milk with the Almond Cow, you can also whip up plant-based coffee creamer, rice milk, soy milk, avocado milk—you name it. I also suggest adding Almond Cow’s coconut shreads to the mix if you like your consistency to be nice and creamy with a hint of natural sweetness. Oh, and be sure to check out their website to scope their milk creative recipes too (the pink-hued rose milk is my favorite!).

Now, let’s get to the price. The base Almond Cow model costs $195, which is certainly not cheap, but if you’re someone who drinks nut milk most days, I do think this nut milk maker is worth adding to your lineup—especially if your current blender can’t handle blending nuts. The biggest selling point is that you have complete control over what goes into your milk, so if you’re concerned about some of the ingredients in your favorite brand’s formula, the Almond Cow is the perfect solution. Honestly, I’m calling it now—this thing is about to be the next big thing on TikTok and it makes an awesome Mother’s or Father’s Day gift.


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