How to Watch Bad Boys: Ride or Die Right Now

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SUMMER IS IN full swing, which means you’re probably focused on planning your next vacation, or at least some outdoorsy weekend plans; you may not be thinking about the next action blockbuster to hit theaters.

But when you need a break from the hot weather, some air-conditioning, and a snack, summer is filled with great films, especially fun, action-packed ones, like Furiosa. But while the George Miller-directed flick didn’t turn out to be a massive box office smash, there’s a different action film that rose above expectations: Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

It’s the fourth installment in the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence-led buddy cop franchise that started in 1995, and follows two Miami detectives who seek to clear the name of their late captain.

According to Variety, the film is already up $56 million after its debut, and has totaled more than $100 million globally. It’s gotten solid reviews, and clearly people are coming in droves to see the film. It may even surprise you to hear it’s doing so well. But it’s a long-standing franchise for a reason. Even decades later, Bad Boys still manages to find interested moviegoers.

If you’re a lifelong fan of Bad Boys, or learning about it for the first time, there’s plenty of time to see the film. As for how you can watch it? For now, there’s only one way. But it’s sure to have a streaming home soon after. Here’s what we know.

Where to Watch Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Right now, the only way to watch Bad Boys: Ride or Die is in theaters. If the film is successful (which so far it is), it’ll likely stay in theaters for a while, potentially through the rest of the summer.

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Whenever it does head to streaming, however, it will most likely head to Starz, as most Sony releases initially do. However, Sony doesn’t have a permanent streaming home for its films like fellow major studios Paramount (with Paramount+), Warner Bros. (with Max). or NBCUniversal (with Peacock) do, so it’s a little bit more of a guessing game than usual—for example, Anyone But You landed on Netflix as it’s initial exclusive streaming home.

Check back here for the most up to date info on where the film will end up.

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